Is XOVI SEO Tool Set to Replace SEMrush?

SEMrush has long been a front-runner in online marketing tools for SEO & PPC research and data compilation. However, it comes with its bulk of faults, including limitations on the number of projects, a hefty price tag based on project numbers and keyword tracking, and inaccurate competitor budgets. The inaccuracy of the tool’s data has led experts in the field to consider SEMrush as a provider of good estimates, but lacking the ability to compile precise data.

This being the case, it’s no surprise that competitors arise in the SEO market to challenge the predominance of SEMrush. Recently, German SEO tool XOVI opened their platform to the international market, hoping to provide a better, more accurate alternative to SEMrush. Having led the SEO market in Germany, XOVI’s all-in-one marketing tool promises much.

Below we briefly review XOVI’s all-in-one marketing tool versus the SEMrush platform.



Starting at a more affordable €79.20/month for unlimited projects (as opposed to SEMrush’s $69.95 for only 5 projects), XOVI Suite offers better value for agencies looking for an online marketing tool. The all-in-one online marketing tool is great for compiling backlinks, keyword analysis, and on-page analysis. The number of features available for the price surpass those of SEMrush at a similar price range, thus removing artificial restrictions from the platform.

Tool areas

XOVI’s tool areas are extensive and include a whopping 11 tools in one easy-to-use interface, which is accessible at every price point. These include:

  • A keyword tool able to track information from social media, clients’ websites and direct competitors
  • A monitoring tool to continuously monitor client projects and keywords, including rankings from over 196 countries.
  • Extensive on-page tools for optimization that can analyze both internal link structure and content quality.
  • Link tool and manager to track all backlinks, analyze link structure and examine those of competitors.
  • Social signals tools to examine clients’ visibility on social networks and manage social media campaigns.
  • A fully customizable reporting tool for agencies and clients alike, allowing for quick and easy creation of reporting documents – including white label.

SEMrush offers a comparable amount of tools to XOVI. However, a big difference lies in the reporting options, as SEMrush disables the option for branded PDF reports in the lower price brackets. Additionally, XOVI has a better reputation for offering more accurate data through their tools.


To the untrained eye, both XOVI and SEMrush can take some getting used to. However, both platforms are very organized and group the tools in a left-hand sidebar for easy access and orientation. XOVI provides handy tutorial videos for each tool, which can be watched by clicking on the tool’s name. SEMrush has a tutorial section on their site, but finding the appropriate category or video is a manual task.

On both platforms, using a tool and its sub-sections is as easy as clicking. Information is provided in a concise, clean and easy-to-understand manner.

richescorner-example-xovi-nlAbove, an example of XOVI’s link tool as performed on this site. With a quick glance, data is clear to understand and evaluate. The number of backlinks to the site is evident, including a recent rise of 2.1% of total backlinks. Graphs and charts present information visually and all elements in the dashboard are clickable to view further details.


XOVI could be giving SEMrush a run for its money. By offering comparable tools at a better price range, it may soon be causing an impact in the SEO marketplace worldwide.

This is in line with their Link tool’s recent improvements, the clarity of use, and matching the recent international, multi-language launch. Their current database of over 600 million backlinks blows SEMrush’s less accurate data out of the water. The potential to use this as a data source for the new disavow analysis makes XOVI a better alternative for SEO agencies.

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