16 responses to “You Too Can Sell 1 Million Ebooks on Amazon!”

  1. Delena Silverfox

    There's a ton of merit to the new publishing platform Amazon offers through Kindle. In fact I recently bought a Kindle just so I could study this platform, and ebooks, in their native habitat. I've never been able to read an ebook on my computer, even a laptop, no matter how I tried. But the Kindle makes it so easy! Now I have no excuse not to publish all those books that I've written over the years, polished, and then never found publishers.

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  2. Live Cricket

    wow. I need to join Amazon. :D

  3. charlotte

    I really like the site, thanks for the information Richard…Love to hear more from you…
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  4. shikha

    Hi! Can anyone please help me on how to join the amazon on and sell books? thanks!
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  5. Cher Shives

    I have lots of books here but they are not in used…I think this will be a good idea…

  6. Katz

    Remind me to send a LARGE thank you to Stumbleupon.com! I'm so happy they landed me here! This is a wealth (no pun intended, but take it where you can get it!) of information for fledgling writers. As some fool, somewhere said: "I'll be back!"
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  7. Jeremy

    I really appreciate this article, it shows that Internet marketers created e-books to share good info about something we don't know.

  8. Heidi Angell

    As a recently "self-published" e-booker, (Creative Exercises to Inspire, which can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles) I would just like to warn that it is not as easy as you make it sound. Not if you are going to put out good content. And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE if you do decide to e-publish, focus on GOOD CONTENT!! This has the potential to be a brilliant phenomenon for authors, but the danger of any and everyone being able to publish is that any and everyone will. If the content is bad, it will turn readers off. Next thing we know it will crash and burn. Also, just because you have published, doesn't mean it will sell. You have got to do a lot of work marketing and promoting your own work! Be prepared to spend hours figuring that strategy out! All in all, it is not easier than getting published the traditional way, but if you believe in what you are doing and aren't afraid to do some hard work at least you can and will get published! Not so guaranteed in the traditional publishing world nowadays!

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  9. Nick

    Hi Richard,
    I will definitely going to use Kindle Direct Publishing. Thanks a lot for this eye-opening post.
    Amazon, here I come.
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