Your IT Needs the Fastest Possible Network

The ability to run IT operations in a modern business demands a fast and reliable network. From the data you keep to the hardware, software and support functions you deploy, keeping your business at the forefront of people’s minds becomes a game-changer. To do so you need a network that is configured completely to your needs, one that only the best hosting providers can maintain with flawless delivery of all your IT components, across the fastest possible connections.

Network connectivity is so important to running a successful business, yet so many companies are hamstrung on a daily basis by downtime, performance issues and application errors arising from an inefficient network. Such companies run operations across Internet connections they do not control nor have the expertise to troubleshoot. It becomes a Catch 22 situation as they invest greater amounts of time and money trying to fix issues they often cannot do anything about. Paying over the odds to expensive 3rd parties and consultants who are ill-equipped to solve such problems is an incredibly wasteful use of resources and extremely short sighted IT strategy.

When a business is not in control of its own network, there is little it can do to address bottlenecks, traffic jams, latency, etc. apart from picking up the phone and hoping for a resolution from 3rd party support staff. As such, whether you own a small business or run the IT department for a global enterprise, running a fast network that is solely owned and run by one hosting provider creates tremendous value to your business. Being able to monitor and act on all points of presence (POP) and within each data centre across a network, ensures problems never reach the end-user. Downtime is minimised and your business can run in an optimum steady-state. This is a major advantage of running your network through a provider like Peer1 Hosting.

Having total control over your network ensures better data centre management and IT operations, as a model of consistency, you need to compete today. We have seen the rapid transformation of traditional, stand-alone IT, producing high performance specifications today that run across super-fast networks. These networks enable every type of business to avoid operational pitfalls caused by inefficient networking that greatly reduces revenue streams.

Having total ownership of a network that does not share bandwidth or resources, ensures a maximum level of performance you need from the IT infrastructure you deploy. From hardware to applications to communications, faster networking drives productivity and hugely increases your ability to collaborate with key stakeholders, anytime, anywhere. This creates a layer of business intelligence and customer nurturing that exceeds what your competitors can offer.

By running your business across a super-fast network you therefore reduce complexity and cost of IT through:

  • A holistic approach to network management/monetisation.
  • An engine of growth through optimised performance monitoring.
  • Powering innovation of applications and data that has real-time relevance.
  • Building upon a cloud architecture that facilitates powerful collaboration.
  • Enabling you to act faster and be more in-tune with the needs of your key stakeholders.
  • Integrating business operations with strategic workflow on a daily basis.
  • Enhancing the customer experience by empowering people around your brand.

Today, business factors such as dynamic market conditions, increased levels of competition and business expansion, demand your utmost attention. By running your IT infrastructure across a fast and wholly owned network connection improves your ability to adapt to change and react quicker than ever before.

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