If You’re In A Band, How Much Money Could You Make From Merchandise?

If you are a musician that is part of a band or ensemble, then you will know only too well how hard it is to make any money out of it. Sure, you do it for the love of it, and many bands are happy to play for free in order to get their music heard by as many people as possible. But it costs a lot of money to keep the show on the road – you need good gear and good instruments, and then there are the travel costs… it’s an expensive game. If you take your music seriously then you need to find ways of making as much money out of it as possible, and a major way you can do this is by having merchandise available for your fans to buy. There will be some initial outlay but as long as you are proactive when you are selling, you should make your money back three or four fold. Here are some ideas:


If your fans love coming to see you play, they’ll love the idea of buying a t-shirt with your logo emblazoned on it. The cost price of getting t-shirts, hoodies, caps and sweatshirts is relatively low, and you can sell them on for a profit. Not only will you be making money from it, the clothing will also help advertise the name of your band – win/win! Take the time to design a really eye-catching logo and use as few colors as possible to keep printing costs down. Make sure the website address is printed somewhere on the clothing too. Order the t-shirts in various sizes so that there is something for everyone. Imagine how chuffed you’ll be to see someone walking down the street wearing your band’s t-shirt?!


All fans love to have badges of their favorite bands to pin to their hats, bags and clothing. It’s really cheap to get a job lot of badges made up, and these also act as a great way to advertise your band. Order in bulk for the most favorable prices – you’ll soon find that the sales of the badges go a long way towards boosting your band’s kitty.

CDs and Downloads

By now you’ve probably done some recording, so make it as easy as possible for your fans to buy your music. Have CDs available at gigs, and make sure you are out there at the end to sell them – fans love to meet the band. Make the music available on the internet for downloading too – some people prefer to buy music this way. If you’ve a little extra room in the budget then how about getting some vinyl made up? Vinyl is back in a big way now!

No matter what you decide to sell, the important thing is that you sell as much as possible so this means setting up a merchandise table at gigs as well as making the products available to buy online via your website. Bands these days have to be very entrepreneurial to fund their passions!

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