10 Famous People Who Succeeded Because Of Their Mentors

Protégé and Mentor (P&M) One: Adolph Hitler and Dietrich Eckart

Certainly famous, but more probably infamous, Adolph Hitler, Fuhrer of Germany up to and during World War II, had a mentor in Dietrich Eckert, a very strange man. Eckert taught Hitler how to dress and speak, and how to influence and dominate others. Eckart was one of the early founders of the Nazi Party and he was also the Master Ceremonial Magician in the occult Thule Society. Hitler eventually joined that society which practiced Satanist and Pagan Black Magic. Was Hitler a success? In a way …

P&M Two: The Jackson 5 and Diana Ross
As lead singer of the Supremes who went on to become a breakout songstress on her own, Diana Ross took the band of brothers under her wing, helping them navigate the intricate worlds of music and publicity. Her interest in the Jackson 5 is evident in that their first album, recorded in 1969, was entitled “Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5.”

P&M Three: Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee was named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century. He was a mentor to Jackie Chan. Alongside Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan is one of the most successful and renowned Asian American actors. Picking up where Bruce Lee left off, Jackie’s efforts cleared the way for other Asian Americans on screen. During the1980s, Jackie helped push the new action-comedy genre on to film industry success.

P&M Four: Henry Ford and Thomas Edison
Of course, Thomas Edison invented the first feasible electric light bulb. As a young man Henry Ford had followed Thomas Edison’s career. Henry took a job at the Edison Illuminating Company, which later became Detroit Edison, and soon worked his way up to chief engineer. Of course, Henry Ford went on to set up electrical assembly lines to build the first feasible internal combustion engine automobile. They often took camping trips together.

P&M Five: Gloria Estefan and Consuelo Garcia
Along with the band, Miami Sound Machine, the Cuban-born Gloria Estefan has sold over 90 million albums worldwide and has won seven Grammy awards. At one time in her life, she had serious doubts about music as a career. Consuela Garcia, her grandmother, inspired her with a strong spirit. Estafan says of Consuela: “The most valuable lessons I learned from my grandmother were to discover what makes you happy, and do it with as much energy and joy as you can muster.” Estafan said that through Consuela’s example, she learned that women have limitless potential. “I finally said yes to music because of her,” says Estafan.

P&M Six: Mahatma Gandhi and Dadabhai Naoroji
Dadabhai Naoroji helped start the Indian Independence Movement in 1857 and Gandhi, with him as his spiritual and ethical guide, was able to complete the task on August 15, 1947. The movement handed the country of India back to its people wrested from the rule of Great Britain. The first and largest non-violent resistance the world had ever seen, it involved 50 million Indians. Gandhi himself became an inspiration to Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

P&M Seven: Leonardo Dicaprio and Adam Farrar
Adam Farrar is Leonardo’s step-brother; he is an actor and film producer. Leonardo embraced acting after learning that Adam Farrar had earned money appearing in a TV commercial. Adam went on to encourage the youngster that he could do it, too. “I never realised acting was a possibility,” says Dicaprio. Incidentally, the actor is named “Leonardo” because his mother was standing in front of a Leonardo Da Vinci painting when he first kicked in her womb.

P&M Eight: Leonardo Da Vinci and Andrea Del Verrocchio
In 1466, at the age of 14, Leonardo Da Vinci was apprenticed to the most successful artist of the day, Verrocchio. His studio was the center of intellectuality at the time. Since the artists couldn’t just run down to the local supply store, it was a veritable factory for chemistry, metal working, carpentry, plaster casting, paint mixing, leather working, mechanics, etc. So the young Leonardo was exposed to practical science as well as art. A legend goes that the young artist collaborated with his master on a painting, “The Baptism of Christ.” When Verrocchio saw the skill of his young acolyte, Leonardo, upon painting the angel that held the robe of Jesus, the old master put down his brush and never painted again.

P&M Nine: Arnold Schwarzennegger and Joe Weider
If you have heard of the muscle man of the century, who also served as governor of California USA for two terms, Arnold Schwarzennegger, it’s because of Joe Weider. Weider was the probably the first real muscle man and made his fame from those advertisements showing a 98-pound weakling getting sand kicked in his face and his girl stolen by a big guy on the beach. The ads were for muscle-building courses and many young men around the world sent off for the courses. Weider mentored the “Ah-Nold” through his young years as a bodybuilder and they are still very good friends today.

Protégés and Mentors Ten: Socrates to Alexander the Great
These guys set the world on fire in many ways. Over 2,400 years ago a man named Socrates gathered a group of young men to study the basics of life, morality, and ethics, based on understanding through dialogue and argument rather than straight lecture. Plato was one of those young men. Plato, the philosopher, went on to mentor Aristotle. One of Aristotle’s pupils was Alexander the Great. When Alexander ruled Greece and much of the eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, he kept class with young men who went on to rule his kingdom after his death. The line from Socrates to Alexander the Great was too great a lineage of protégés and mentors to pass up.

Are you a success? Have you a mentor?

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