10 Tips for Streamlining Your Daily Routine

With all the daily demands working adults face today – endless meetings, ever-increasing work responsibilities, kids’ soccer games and parents’ doctor’s appointments – it’s practically impossible not to get stuck in a rut. When your routine starts to grind away at you, you need to wake up and take action to shake up the schedule to get more out of your daily life. While you can’t set many of your daily duties aside, you can use a various tools and other organizational tricks to make them easier.

  • Get healthy – By eating healthfully and getting adequate exercise, you can approach your day with more energy than you otherwise would. Focusing on your health will also give you a tangible goal, which is helpful to many people in jobs where they feel like they’re constantly tasked with busywork.
  • Declutter your office – Looking for a stapler or a file beneath a mountain of paperwork on your desk eats up minutes from the average worker’s schedule each day. Over time, these minutes add up to a pretty significant amount of time. Clean and organize your space to waste less time searching for things, and to reduce the frustration that usually comes with an important document or tool going missing.
  • Declutter your home – If a daily hunt for files or equipment is taking up time at the office, think about how much time you waste at home searching for your keys, the remote, or other frequently misplaced items. Take the time to organize your home to eliminate wasted time in your daily routine.
  • First things first – Accomplish important tasks early in the day when you’re still fresh from a good night’s sleep.
  • Organize your thoughts – If you’re working on a big project, use visual tools like mind maps to help organize your thoughts and present them to others. Mind mapping software can help you get started using this helpful technique.
  • Do something different – Try doing something different in your daily routine to break up the monotony. Whether it’s lunch with a friend or an afternoon walk, shaking up your daily habits can help you feel like you have more control over your life.
  • Take a mental health day – If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a day off from work if possible and recharge your batteries. You’ll often find that, by taking a day off, you’re much more productive when you come back than you would have been if you had just slogged it out over the week.
  • Budget your time – Don’t just plan for tomorrow, plan for the whole week. Use your calendar to set times for your various appointments and tasks. Be sure to allow a little lag time, should unexpected circumstances arise.
  • Get a timer – To help stay on task, use a timer when you’re plugging away at menial tasks. The timer will help keep you from woolgathering when working on some of your less-than-engaging tasks.
  • Be positive – A good attitude will help make even the monotonous daily grinds more bearable. Focus on the things you like about your routine and also concentrate on your next steps if you find your current work situation intolerable.

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