14 Fails You Should Dodge In 2014

We are human, and failing is a part of growing, maturing and every person’s life. Sometimes failing is out of our control, but other times we have the power to control our destiny. These are 14 tech fails you should try to dodge in 2014:

1. There is a whole world out there
You do not want to get through 2014 by staying indoors, playing games online, talking to friends on Facebook or just wasting endless hours watching YouTube videos of cats. Go out, have a real conversation, take up hobbies. It will help with your social skills, and you will not be known as the town hermit.

2. Browse before you buy
Keen to get that new piece of tech? Hold on a month after release, read a few reviews and see what early adopters are saying. You do not want to be an adopter of tech which turns out to be a lemon. Also shop around for the best price online; you may save a few quid.

3. Do not be a hero
Love being a power user and rooting your phone? It is all fun and games until you brick your device, making it completely unusable and just a rather expensive paperweight. Tinker as much as you want; just be prepared for the worst case scenario if you do.

4. Insure your tech
Want to save those extra few pounds and not insure that amazing new phone or Macbook you just bought after saving up years for? The worst thing that could happen is hardware failure, or an accidental drop into a puddle of water. Nothing hurts more than tech dying on you and not being able to replace it via insurance.

5. Do not believe everything you read online
It’s easy to believe everything you read online, thinking “it is on this website, so it must be true.” Do some research before you blurt out that latest fact, or ensure it is an incredibly reliable resource – Wikipedia does not count.

6. Don’t forget to log out
Using a computer in the local library or in a public place? Do not forget to logout, or you may just be giving access to any stranger to go through your personal information. You would not leave the door to your house open, so do not make it easy for snooping strangers.

7. Check your privacy settings
Friends with your mom on Facebook and forgot all about it after saying you were watching a movie at a friend’s place, only to be tagged in a photo of you out on the town causing chaos? Make sure your privacy settings are set to only share the things you want to with the people you know.

8. Friends, friends everywhere
Try not to accept every single friend request you get online because someone says they may have met you. The online world can be a dangerous and scary place, and you never really know a person’s motive to want to be your friend. Also, make sure the person’s friend request you are accepting is actually the person it should be. Facebook cloning is all too common nowadays.

9. Protect yourself
Do not think you are safe from hackers or viruses by thinking it will never happen to you. Put on your firewall, install software that will scan for viruses and protect you from malware and other nasty stuff. Also stay far away from sites you should not be going to, they are a haven for Trojans and viruses.

10. Do not be “that person”
Sharing is great, we were all taught to do so as kids, but do not become the friend who gets blocked or hidden from their friend’s feeds due to documenting every split second of the day. No one cares that you had a waffle for breakfast, and what it looks like. If it is not adding value to others lives, do not post it.

11. Live in the moment
You do not want to miss a moment at a gig, or event, all because you were too busy updating your Facebook status or tweeting or trying to get the perfect picture. You can always post about how amazing it was afterwards, but will hate if you missed something because you were trying to let others know all about it.

12. Clean up your online act
Is every single photo of you online pulling rude finger gestures or playing the fool? That is all fun and games, except in a world where most interviewers will check the online presence for possible future employers, the last thing you want to do is give the wrong impression. So try to make sure that not every photo or status update is about you failing at life.

13. Take my money!
There is no rich Nigerian who wants to give you money, and Microsoft is not going to phone you personally to tell you that your software is out of date. Be careful of scams, they are getting more and more complex and easier to fall for, so always keep an eye out for chancers.

14. Change up your usernames and passwords
Try not to fail by using the same username and password for all of your different accounts. You do not want to wake up one day with your mailbox hacked, all your passwords reset, your bank account cleaned out and your relationship status changed from in a relationship to single all because you were too lazy to use different passwords for each account.

It is easy to make any of these mistakes, I have just noticed this by logging into my mail and a social media account with the exact same details. So do not fall into the complacency trap, and if you do, well, there is always 2015…

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By Sam Wright

This article was writtent by Sam Wright, a freelance journalist and copywriter based in Norwich, Norfolk.


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