3 Major Advances in Retail Technology Worth Paying Attention To

The new year often brings a focus on refreshing your office and looking for budget items that can make a difference in your productivity. Not surprisingly, the retail industry is somewhat similar. Anything that provides a new experience or an edge in the shops and stores that are near your home can make a company stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Here are some cool retail tech concepts coming to a store near you:


AI Friends:

Most people have noticed that Siri and Google Voice have been helping people as personal assistants for a few years. What they may not have noticed is that the artificial intelligence researchers that are behind those products have been improving them gradually every time that they are used. The net result for companies like Microsoft is that the AI listeners that you may talk to in a clothing store can understand everything that you would want to tell them 95 percent of the time. Using a helper that is set to make a person feel good about themself and their image can allow clothing retailers to outfit every visitor while live humans add value by validating customer choices and answering questions.

If you haven’t experienced this yet, it won’t be too long in stores before you do.


Automated Wedding Registry:

Because it isn’t that hard to have a program that understands and responds to your every request, it is likely that instead of using an internet terminal that has you register for each item that you see in a store when you want to get married, you should be able to just use voice and tell the wedding registry application what you want. A similar option is a smartphone application that registers each item that you take a picture of. If you want to look through your choices, you can just navigate in your natural language without having to curtail your English or other language.

That type of avatar-like helper that can serve all your shopping needs may soon also be extended to large store that have a variety of products that you might want to know about or understand before you purchase them.


The Experience:

A lot of the ERP’s and CRM’s combined with AI and other rich data have made a kind of convergence that makes it so that the store can create a retail experience that allows the customer to thoroughly enjoy looking for and trying a product out.

When you think about how much feedback retailers actually store about each one of the products, it isn’t that hard for them to use it to help you better understand just how the product can perform for you. In fact, using their databases and combining them with local fixtures and hardware can create magic sometimes. The latest LED lighting systems can have their light output altered to match any color of a multi-thousand color palette. The upshot is that retailers can not only create different mood lighting colors based on how you seem to feel, they can also add colors to the product that you are buying by lighting them up in the color that they would be if you purchased them that way. This type of display help is already popular at car dealerships.

Retail technology concepts continue to move forward rapidly as vendors hone their products to help store owners transform the world that they are inviting customers into. Looking at products and purchasing them while you are at a store is poised to continue to become more enjoyable and rewarding than buying them while you are away from one online.


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