3 Outdoor Event Ideas to help Market your Brand

For decades, television, radio and the print media have ruled as popular marketing mediums to promote brands. A lot of business owners, however, find them very expensive and rely instead on promo giveaways. You could do the same. A simple way to reach your target audience would be to host outdoor events and give away personalized outdoor gifts. Personalized outdoor gifts help in reaching out to customers (existing and potential) on an individual basis, allowing you to create a brand image for your company or organization.

This article explores 3 event ideas to advertise your brand successfully:

 1.        Outdoor Fund-raisers

Fund-raisers provide a professional, social and fun element to your marketing campaign. Combine this with an outdoor location and you will have many people attending and supporting your cause. An easy way to choose a theme for your event is to go by the seasons. For example, if you are planning an event in June, host a summer music festival fund-raiser and in March, host a spring marathon. You can welcome guests with custom outdoor gifts such as boom-boom sticks personalized with your brand name, which they can take home as a souvenir. Sell interesting custom outdoor gifts that can be used at the event itself, like picnic blankets, stadium cushions and noisemakers branded with your company name.

2.       Outdoor Camps

Do you want to encourage team unity or increase loyalty towards your brand amongst your employees? If yes, hosting an outdoor camp is the ideal option. Activities like setting up tents helps build team unity, while  quality outdoor logo gifts increases loyalty amongst employees. Give away durable outdoor logo gifts like sunglasses, mats, fleece blankets and coolers personalized with your brand name and logo, which can be used during camping and at home. You can also host an entertaining interactive session, which will help employees identify themselves with the values of the company. Your employees can also act as brand ambassadors and bring in business leads by sporting promotional gifts provided during this event.

 3.       Outdoor BBQ Feast

One of the best ways to market your brand and better relations with esteemed clients and hard-working employees is by hosting a barbeque party. Prepare a wholesome BBQ feast and welcome everyone with personalized freebies like golf sets, insulated thermal jugs or cooler bags, which they can take home or advertise in public when in use. If you plan to entertain few important clients, send out invitations along with a BBQ set to commemorate the event. If your guest list is extensive, give away cute cowbells with your invitation, so that this event always rings a bell in their memory.

Hope this article helps you choose an event that suits your marketing requirements and make your brand remembered for years to come.

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