3 Steps First-time Entrepreneurs Need to take for Choosing a Tech Stack for their Business

First-time entrepreneurs most often make the mistake of not researching enough about the tech stack.

“Tech stack is the set of programming languages and software products that bring together to build a website or a mobile app.”

When it comes to starting a tech business, the tech stack is one of the most important questions that comes to your mind while you are starting your entrepreneurial journey. Rightly so, it is the most important decision you’ve ever make as it can define how your business is built and its chances of scaling with user growth.

Non-tech business owners make the worst tech stack decision for their startup. They usually rely on their team of developers to suggest and choosing the one that makes the most financial sense in the short term.

Usually, the development team will give you the biased suggestion, because the tech stack they suggest is usually the one they have developed their expertise on. And secondly, the decision may just not be the right choice for your product, your target audience and business objective you focus on. A stack for an on-demand app would be entirely different than for a social media app or real-time video conferencing app.

So, the question is, being an entrepreneur, how do you choose the right stack for your new business. Here are some tips and tricks to avoid doing the mistake of choosing the wrong tech stack and help you come up with the best tech stack decision.

  1. Mobile First or Web

A very relevant question is whether to build for web or mobile first. The best way to decide between the platforms is to know your target audience well.

Study different use cases to take the idea about the what points will your product be preferred by your customers. Think carefully, if your product needs mobility, or there is no need to be mobile and a website is enough for a great first experience.

When you have decided to create mobile version, there are two options – either to choose the cross platform or build a native app. Though cross technologies are affordable than native ones while building an app for two platforms at a time, they do fail to deliver on a great ux.

Don’t decide solely on the pricing bases, focus on its functionality and your business requirements.

  1. Find the Right People

The newer technology or programming language is, the more difficult it is to find the right resources to help you develop it. At the same time, it’s going to be highly expensive because of the unavailability of the right resources in that stack.

Keeping up with the latest technology and trends can result in more success, all you need is to find the right people to help you build your business.

Carefully check what is available in abundance at your location. Check how many support systems already exist for the tech stack you are going to opt for. If there aren’t enough support available, it is going to be challenging enough to find the solutions when problems arise.  

  1. The Type of Your Product

The type of product you are going to build plays a key role while making a tech stack decision for your startup. As I have said above, the stack for marketplace product or social media product is totally different from that of a video conferencing app.

It is highly recommended to discuss all the aspects with your tech team about your product type and requirements and then carefully consider all the suggestions they have for the stack they are recommending.

Explore what tools and technologies are most commonly used by your competitors. For example, if your product is a task management tool that targets entrepreneurs and business professionals, apps and features that improve communication, transparency and productivity and bring an intuitive user interface would be the best suited.

In the End

Keep your customers in mind while making the decision for a tech stack for your product and don’t just rely on what your developers recommend. As this could depict how your product or business would scale in the near future. Good luck!  


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