4 Reasons Why Dropping Out Of College May Not Be Such A Good Idea

While this is an incredibly complex issue, there are some really solid reasons why dropping out of college may not be such a good idea. We’re going to come at it from a more unique perspective and skip the common reasoning you’re likely to find in basic searches. Let’s get to it.

Reason #1: 21st Century Transparency

Let’s just be perfectly honest. Let’s admit that our lives and the choices we make are much more visible today than they used to be. From a personal branding perspective being labeled a college dropout isn’t a positive thing, unless you’ve got something better in the works. For example, Elon Musk dropped out of post-graduate studies to create what ended up becoming PayPal. Or, how about Bill Gates?

Not only were these people visionaries with company platforms being built which promised amazing returns and a career, but keep in mind they were in school and getting good grades at the time. If you’re starting a company or a startup or something, then more power to ya! But, if you’re dropping out to go sit around playing video games you might want to re-think things a bit.

Reason #2: Yes, You Can Make the Grade

One of the most common reasons people seriously consider dropping out of college is because they feel like they don’t have what it takes to graduate. At the end of the day this just isn’t true. What they really need is a little more discipline and dedication. Whoever said college is supposed to be easy? It’s not!

If you’re sold on a career path, and love to envision the future when you’re able to get paid to do what you love, then commit! It should challenge you or else you aren’t going to learn anything, or develop the character traits that college is meant to breed within you. You can buckle down. You can study harder. Join study groups. Get a tutor. You are capable of doing whatever it takes. It all just comes down to attitude and grit.

Reason #3: The Chances You’ll Return are Slim to None

If America was able to collect $5 from every college student that dropped out with the notion they would return later on and finish their degree, it would be far less in deficit. By the numbers very few people ever return. Instead they get caught up with things and stay a waitress for a decade, or rise the ranks of retail store manager or something.

Oh yeah, and they’ve been paying off however much debt they took on before dropping out. It’s really easy to say you’ll come back when times are better, or when you can pay for tuition and books with cold hard cash but life has a way of getting ahold of you. When you do return, will those classes still count towards the degree you were going for? Maybe, maybe not.

Reason #4: There’s a Lack of Training Capital

Part of the reason the current job force looks like it does, is because throughout this latest recession/depression tons of the managerial jobs were taken out of the system. Companies don’t really have the money anymore to train people. Without relevant experience, having an MBA degree is the only way to get your foot in the door.

How are you going to go from a minimum wage to a much better wage in another industry without training or education? How does a waitress or check-out clerk get into being an investment manager or life coach without it?

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