4 Ways to Get Inspiration for Guest Posts That Will Get Published

We all know, the success of many businesses on the internet today relies on marketing. You market your new start-up company in order to get venture capitalist to invest in it, you market your blog in order to get people to read your first article, and the success of your business relies on doing good marketing for it.

In blogging today, guest blogging has been the cornerstone of success. Whether you like it or not, you will have to write guest posts for your blog. The problem now is with getting inspiration for guest posts that will get published. You know, if you can’t write enough guest posts and get them published on reputable blogs your efforts might go unnoticed.

And that’s why I’m sharing these tips with you in this post.

Read the Blog You Are Targeting

There is no better way to get inspiration to develop better guest post for a blog other than to read the blog itself on a daily basis. By reading the blog you are targeting, you will become exposed to the person’s style of writing and also get ideas from what that blogger publishes on his blog.

Reading a blog does not only help you catch the style of writing the blogger uses, but it also makes you know what the blogger wants from his guest poster. This gives you the opportunity to write a guest post that won’t be rejected.

So when you are targeting a blog for a guest post opportunity, make sure you start reading the blog at least a week before you propose to write for it.

Be an Expert in What You Want to Write About

Being an expert in the field you are planning to write your guest post on makes the person reading your post not only want to read it but it also makes the person want to share it with his readers. While you might be limiting yourself to few blogs by writing about topics you are an expert on, you can also spice up the quality of what you offer that blogger by giving yourself a practical experience on any topic outside your field of expertise.

Be Open to Suggestions

By being open to suggestions from the person you are pitching your guest post to, you are also allowing yourself to learn from him and get inspiration from the ideas the person has gathered. Accepting suggestions from your host blogger will also reduce the chances of your guest post being rejected by that blogger.

A good way to apply this idea is to first of all pitch the blogger that you are about to write a guest post for his blog and would like him to give you suggestions on what he wants for his blog. By doing this, you are not only showing the blogger that you respect his decision, you are also putting your guest post on a priority list.

Read the Guidelines

Lastly, another interesting way I’ve found one can easily get inspiration for guest posts that will get published is to read the guest posting guidelines of that blog. Most bloggers do give a list of topics that they want their guests to write on, and this list can help you develop ideas faster than looking out for it on your own.

What other ways do you know to get inspiration for guest posts that get published?

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