5 Apps to Help You Find and Land A Job

In today’s economy, it seems that everyone is searching for a job – either as a secondary source of income or as a full-time position. If you’re among the many out there on the job hunt that’s struggling to not only find a position, but actually land one, too, you’re not alone, and there is still hope for you.

Chances are at this point, you probably already have a smart phone. Have you ever thought about using it to help you find a job and then prepare to nail your interview to land the job? Why don’t you start thinking about it now…because there are plenty of apps out there just waiting to help you find the perfect position.


For starters, if you’re on the job hunt, you know you need to have a resume. But it’s tough to keep that resume updated as you find new jobs, and it’s even harder to customize each resume you send out based on the jobs you’re applying to.

PocketResume makes it easy. For just $2.99, this app lets you upload all of your work information, or import your information from your existing LinkedIn account, and it automatically formats a clean, concise, professional resume as a PDF file that’s easy to send right from your phone. You can import or update information, save it and tailor it as you go based on the kind of job you’re applying to.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not – one reviewer of the app on the Apple App Store says they actually received a compliment from a potential employer on the layout of their resume.

Monster.com Jobs

Monster.com is a growing job search website, but they have an app now, too, and it has some really great features to help you search for jobs in your area.

First, the app (which is free in the App Store) uses your smart phone’s GPS location to automatically identify the area where you should be searching for jobs. If you wish to change your location (for an out of town job search, perhaps), it’s easy with just the simple tap of your finger. Once the app identifies your location, it searches for thousands of local job listings that you can apply to directly through the app.

Another great feature is that it incorporates any Monster.com account that you may already have in existence. So any information that you may have uploaded to the website in the past, like resumes, cover letters, job alerts and more, are all automatically synced to your app. It’s an easy way to stay organized on the job search and find tons of opportunities just waiting for you to apply to!

Interview Pro

Once you have a resume together and you’ve applied for some jobs, your next step will naturally be interviewing for the positions that are both interested in you and that you are interested in yourself. But are you the kind of person who gets nervous in an interview setting and runs out of ideas for what to say?

Don’t worry, Interview Pro is here to help. For just $2.99, you get access to nearly 100 of the most popular job interview questions and tips for how to answer them. Dubbed a “study guide” for those preparing for job interviews, Interview Pro will guide you through what the tough questions really mean and the kinds of answers future employers are looking for, so you’ll be fully prepped to ace your next interview!

Pocket Informant

This app is on the pricier end at $9.99, but it’s absolutely worth the money, according to current users. When you’re on the job hunt, it’s important to keep track of who you’ve spoken to regarding a position, what days you have interviews scheduled for and where you have to go for each. This app takes care of all of that and then some.

It’s basically a glorified calendar app that manages appointments, tasks, contacts and more, and even lets you sync up with family and friends’ accounts so that you can make sure everything you need to do in a day actually gets done. It’s the digital era’s version of the PDA – it’ll do everything to keep you organized.


Once you’ve landed a job, you’re going to need to start making professional connections everywhere you go to expand your professional network and grow in your career. Business cards are the perfect way to do that, but if your company doesn’t provide you with personalized business cards, or you wish to stay with the times and go the digital route, SnapDat is the perfect app for you.

It’s a free application that lets you upload any photo you want, enter your information and it creates a personalized e-business card for you. You can email your new card to anyone you wish and include a personal message with each card you send. After all, it’s much easier for people to save emails than it is a small square of cardboard!

Maya Richards is a freelance writer, yoga instructor and distributor of unique and inspirational employee gifts. She knows how difficult the job search can be, so any help you can get through the difficult process will likely be needed!

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