5 Big and Small Purchases You Can Make To Benefit Charities

You love giving to your most cherished charitable causes, and you wish you could give more. However, like most people, you struggle to balance your budget and buy everything you need and want for you and your family while saving for the future. There’s not as much to devote to charitable giving as you’d like. Solve that issue by both purchasing something for you and supporting charities at the same time.

A Car

business woman receiving keys to carIf you’re buying a car, buy from an organization that specializes in car donation. Take a look at some of the charities that will benefit from your car purchase; there are charities that directly benefit causes in your community, as well as national and global organizations.

Car donation organizations manage donated vehicles and fix them up so they’re in top shape before putting them up for sale. They list cars from around the nation, both at fixed, low prices and in auctions, where you have the chance to nab a used car for even less than you thought possible. Pick up the car within driving distance or pay a little extra to have a vehicle shipped to you from another area; even when you add in the cost of shipping, you’re bound to be spending less than you would buying a car from a car lot or individual seller.

A Boat

Like the car donation organizations, boat donation organizations offer boats and boat parts for the minimum amount possible. Because they don’t pay to take ownership of the boats, they can allocate their resources toward picking up the boats, fixing them and listing them for sale. This was they put the maximum amount possible directly toward charities in need. Boats are for sale all over the country, so you may not have to drive far to pick up your purchase. You can also arrange for a moving service to ship the boat for you and include the cost in your budget.

A Home

Houses and properties are donated to organizations that specialize in raising funds for charities, too. Previous home owners donate houses and properties they no longer need in order to support a charity, and the amount of funds an organization can raise for charity through a property sale is hard to beat. Some of these properties are also donated by financial institutions and communities, and the charity organization takes time to fix up the property. This enables them to charge the least amount possible for certain properties sold as-is. You may not be able to donate a home yourself, but you can choose to buy a home through one of these organizations to make a huge difference for an important cause.


moving furnitureWhether you’re moving into a new home or redecorating a room or two, head to a thrift store that provides jobs for the disabled or people who otherwise struggle to find work in the community or to thrift stores that donate proceeds to charitable causes. You’ll find gently used, clean and fixed up furnishings of all kinds at a thrift shop at a fraction of the price of furniture stores. Don’t think you’ll have to combine random pieces for an eclectic mix; some people donate entire furniture sets, and you can save by buying more than one matching piece at once.

Brand Name Goods

If you don’t plan to buy anything big anytime soon, do what you can and buy small goods such as clothing, shoes and electronics from brands that give a portion of proceeds to charities. Do your research. A number of brand names have certain items in their collection that support causes such as cancer research, children’s charities and animal rights causes.

USA Today reports 90 percent of consumers at the holiday season in particular want to buy from companies giving to charity, so there are plenty of businesses offering these products to meet the demand. The price may be just a little more than usual, but remember your donation goes to a good cause, and decide to buy to support a charitable cause.

As a consumer, your money has power. When you choose to support charities with your purchases, these organizations raise more funds to continue their work.  The larger your purchase, the further your support goes toward charitable causes. However, if you’re not planning to make any large purchases soon, even small purchases can make a difference.

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