5 Great Meal Cost Cutting Tips For Families

The cost of living continues to rise, and for the average family the weekly food bill can be nothing short of extortionate. After you’ve paid those almighty energy bills, filled your car up and done the weekly shop your bank balance can look rather pitiful. By following the five top tips in this guide, you can reduce your food bill dramatically!

5. Limit those takeaways and meals out!

Whilst you may feel like those weekly visits to your chippy or local restaurant don’t cost a lot, over a month they can add up to be a significant amount.

If you find that you are constantly reaching for the local take away number because you’re short on time, then a little planning can go a long way. Be sure to write out a meal list for the week and stick to it, not matter how tired you feel!

4. Try the local shops, rather than the superstores

Local shops can be surprisingly more affordable than the nearby superstore. Additionally you can ask for produce that is just about to go out of date for a knock down price.

Given that meat is one of the most expensive items on a shopping list, speak to your local butcher about what deals he has on that day. Build up a good relationship with them and they may even give you a special discount!

3. Go casserole crazy

Casseroles and stews are great on the budget front and they can use up all those bits and pieces that were just about to go out a date. Additionally you can save on the energy bills and freeze any leftovers; perfect for those lazy nights where you just don’t want to cook!

As well as this, always purchase the bulk buy deals if you usually buy the item and it can be frozen for later.

2. Get coupon hunting

Hunting down coupons can save you a great deal on the items that you buy each and every week. Why not use some of the websites like http://www.oz-coupons.com that are dedicated solely on listing every coupon in existence at that particular time? These really take the hassle out of coupon hunting.

1. Switch to economy products

Whilst you may think that economy products are inevitably going to be of lower quality, this isn’t always the case. In fact, many well-known brands use the same products as is found in a supermarket’s economy range!

Whilst there are some products that you may not want to switch (such as your meats) there are items that are less important and which won’t notice be such a notable difference. Products such as baked beans, squash and sauces can all be switched over without so much as a turned up nose.

Hopefully this guide has given you a few ideas as to how you can cut down those staggering food bills; however if you find that your weekly shop is still costing the earth, then go through it with a fine tooth comb and look at what your biggest spends are. That way you can either look for alternatives, or put them at the top of your coupon hunting list!

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