5 Money Saving Things To Try In 2014

Although the economy is improving it is still important to make smart decisions with your finances in 2014. It is always good to try and save money.Savings

Having a good safety net around you to help get past tough financial times is really important and many money saving choices can also help you have a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Here are five things you should try in 2014 and to save just a little bit more money.

1. Net-TV Instead Of The Movies

Instead of spending your hard earned money in order to go to the movies in 2014 think about paying a monthly fee for a net-TV. This is going to be a lot cheaper and there are plenty of good movies in these services to watch.

You can even have an affordable movie night this way. Just ask your friends over and tell some to bring drinks and others to provide the snacks. It is a really budget-friendly way to have fun with your mates.

2. Wash Clothes On Cold Temperature

You should also try washing your clothes in cooler temperatures. You spend a lot more water when washing in higher temperatures and this can increase your utility bill a lot. It is also much more wearing for the clothes and thus you can hold on to your favourite clothes for longer if you opt for cooler temperatures.

3. Homebrew Coffee On The Go

If you are like majority of working people then you probably get a cup of coffee on the go on your way to work. This habit isn’t just bad for your wallet but it is also not very eco-friendly option. Although some chains use recycled material in their paper cups they still amount to a lot of wastage.

So instead invest into a good portable coffee mug and brew your own cup of coffee each morning to take with you. Not only is this going to save you a lot of money each week it will also benefit the environment.

4. Wholesale Shopping

Shopping for wholesale clothes is a really clever way to save some money. Wholesale means that you buy the clothes directly from the wholesale company instead of the retailer. This generally means that you can buy cheaper since the wholesale company doesn’t add any additional cost to the price, as does the retailer.

You buy more clothes in bulk but can still save a lot of money. It is especially good option for families and could be something you can do together with your friends as well.

There are plenty of wholesale clothing companies out there. Check for instance All Stores Clothing’s website for more information.

5. A Weekly Menu Plan

It is a well-known fact that planning for things in advance can really help you save a lot of money. This is also true when it comes to your meal planning. So in 2014 it is a really good idea to start planning a weekly menu.

You can find plenty of meal planning tips at the Real Simple website. Use these and other online recipe websites as an inspiration and start planning your meals. It’ll quickly make you save a lot of money and ensure you don’t throw away a lot of food.

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