5 Most Useful Tips and Tricks for Windows 10

Windows 10 is already full with handy new features and functionality, along with new tweaks and ticks. Let’s take a look at the handful of those tricks and unlock powerful hidden functionality to everyday users. These are the most useful Windows 10 tweaks, tips and tricks to get a quick start.

Let Cortana Respond When You Say “Hey Cortana”
Cortana finally made space for the PC with Windows 10 but by default, she doesn’t listen to your instructions. Open Cortana by clicking the search area in the taskbar and select the three-lined options menu in the upper-left box. Select settings from the tilt, and so just enable the “Let cortana respond when you say “Hey Cortana” option. You’ll require an active microphone for this to go to throw commands at your PC. Remember Cortana’s efficiency is directly linked to how much she knows about you.

Touch-Friendly Word, PowerPoint and Excel Apps
For the most windows lovers touch-friendly office apps are finally nearing conclusion, in the form of universal apps for Windows 10 devices of whatever size and shape. The serious word is Microsoft has released beta previews of the touch-friendly MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint apps for Windows 10 testers to use at no cost.

New Powerful Command Line Tool
Today you can enjoy Windows 10 command line tool with new features, including the ability to copy and paste within the command prompt with Crtl+C and Crtl+V. To enable this feature open the command prompt, right-click its title bar, and then choose properties.

Easy To Schedule Your Computer Restarts
This is an amazing advancement in the new Windows 10. If you’ve got pending updates that involve you to reboot the PC, Windows 10 will allow you to schedule a specific time for it to act so. At last! To enable this feature, click and open the settings option in the start menu, then head to Updates and Recovery Windows Update. If you have any update pending, you’ll see the screen at the left, which lets you schedule your reboot after you select the “Select a restart time” radio button.

Enable Tablet Mode
Windows 10’s Continuum, which dynamically changes over from the traditional desktop to a more Metro-like interface when you’re applying a touch screen, is supposed to kick into action when you connect or disconnect a keyboard from your Windows hybrid or tablet. Yet, what if you’re employing a standard PC and just plain love full-screen apps and the Live-Tile-Strewn Start screen, quite than the start menu?

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