5 Professions To Consider If You Like Mystery And Suspense

Does certainty bother you? Like a little bit of mystery and suspense in your life? Wish you could have a profession that would throw plenty of interesting mysteries at you to solve? If yes, following are 5 awesome career options that you need to consider

Thriller/Crime Novelist

Are you a great story teller? Love the way you can come up with mystery and thriller based imagination and story ideas in no time? Are you good with words and expressions? If yes, you are indeed gifted my friend, and you definitely need to give a shot at writing thrillers. Thrillers are undoubtedly the most exciting and suspenseful of all genres and people just love reading them! Writing thrillers is definitely tough, but if you’re resourceful enough and if you have your main ideas and your characters in head, no one can stop you from coming up with an exceptional thriller. Thrillers are essentially about ordinary heroes pitted against villains determined to cause harm to them, to someone else, to the country, to the system, and so on. Based upon your forte, you can select from a range of categories such as war fiction, spy fiction, detective fictions, murder mystery, science fiction, and more.

Infidelity investigator

Sure, becoming a private detective would be fun and challenging enough, but if you want to do something more interesting and offbeat, you might want to consider a career as an infidelity investigator. Thinking of a spouse or a partner who might be cheating is definitely a painful thought but then ultimately your job will be to get your client acquainted with the truth, so that they can take appropriate measures or decide what to do next at the quickest possible. Catching a cheating spouse can be interesting and may include lots of surveillance, evidence gathering, and professional techniques. You job will include listening to your clients suspicions and taking them seriously, treating them with respect and discretion, and of course, helping them get rid of what they don’t deserve – cheating spouses.


Have you always had an interest in history, geography, and the outdoors? As a child, did you always dream about becoming someone like Indiana Jones when you grew up? Do you marvel at the thought of digging out something from ground that has been buried since hundreds of years? Wish to unearth some startling discoveries from history? If yes, you should definitely give a thought at becoming an archaeologist. Look up the education background you need in order to become an archaeologist and you can start your preparations accordingly. Besides, you might also want to make sure that you’re okay with working long hours in the outdoors, regardless of the weather conditions. Be ready for hours of digging, walking for miles on field surveys, getting your hands dirty, and obviously, lots of excitement.

Marine biologist

Have you always been mesmerized by the ocean and the whole realm of stunning organisms that thrive deep inside the ocean? Are you amazed by the stunning life forms that you discover while on a snorkeling or scuba diving expedition? If yes, you need to become a marine biologist. Ocean life is literally like a different world altogether, full of mysteries and amazing life forms waiting to be discovered. A marine biologist is essentially a detective trying to unravel the mysteries of the sea. Right from hours of diving on beautiful reefs, to gliding along dolphins and swimming with turtles, to sampling the ocean from ships and boats, to working up samples in the lab and more, being a marine biologist can give you a lifetime of amazing experiences. So if you have a passion for the ocean and marine organisms, think no further than becoming a marine biologist.


Yet another amazing career options that involves a lot of mystery and suspense is that of a chef. It might sound a tad silly at first but when you come to think of it, it does involve a reasonable amount of suspense and mystery. The mystery being the ingredients you use to prepare a new dish, and suspense being how your new experiment ends up tasting and whether it will be appreciated or not by your customers! So if you love eating, cooking, experimenting with ingredients, and feeding others, then you my friend are born to become a master chef! As a profession, being a chef can be challenging as well as rewarding. You not only get to do what you love, but you also get the freedom to make full use of your creativity. Creativity is important as it will help you prepare unique and new recipes while keeping your originality intact throughout your career.

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