5 Things Around The House You Can Turn Into Money

There are a lot of simple ways you could be earning money from your home and from the things you have lying around.

Here are five simple and quick ways to turn your things into money.

1. Quick Cash For Old Mobile PhonesMobile

A quick and simple way to get a bit of extra money is to send all of your old mobile phones to different companies that offer you money for them. This is a really environmentally friendly way to get rid of your old phone and it will also provide you with some money.

Browse the internet to find out more about these deals and make sure you choose the company that offers the best deal for your phones. Of course the newer your phone the more money you can make from it.

2. Convert Your Spare Room Into Money

If you live in a good neighbourhood and you have a room that isn’t really being used it is a good idea to consider renting it. There are a lot of different websites that allow you to list your room and you can make a lot of money from your room.

Majority of good reputable sites also offer some guarantees for payment and also do a check on the kind of people that would come into the room to make sure you aren’t in danger. This is a really good opportunity to make a lot of money and you don’t really need to work hard for it.

3. Consign Your Items

You might have a lot of nice things lying around the house that can earn you a lot of money. She Knows suggests doing an annual clean up around the house and consigning all of your unwanted items. Consigning is really nice way to make money since it doesn’t really require you to do anything other then take the items to the shop and collect the money later.

You can of course also list your items on sites such as Ebay but this can often be much more laborious activity and you might not even make as big of a winning in the end. Check out your local consignment stores and shops and start digging your wardrobes for items.

4. Sell Your Structured Settlement

As well as making the most out of your stuff you can also sell some of your paperwork for nice amount of cash. For instance, if you have a structured settlement you could sell it for a big cash sum straight away.

Companies like Structured Settlement Quotes buy structured settlements for cash and they even provide deals if you want to sell your annuity payments or winning lottery tickets.

This is a quick and simple way to make some big money and can help you spend it towards a better investment or even repaying your debt.

5. Use Your Own Skills

Or perhaps you are the best money making opportunity at your house. If you have a talent or you are a really creative person then why not look into opportunities to promote yourself online. There are a lot of opportunities from blogging to doing freelance work.

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