5 Things You Need To Know If You Want To Manufacture A Product In China

Manufacturing a product in China is a great way to send your profits through the roof, but I’ve taken a look at some of the things newbies need to know before getting started.

Are you thinking about getting a product manufactured in China in order to take your business to the next level? It does sound tempting when you hear all those success stories, but sometimes things can go wrong. When you’re dealing with companies from another country it’s the opposite of straightforward. Here are a few things you need to take into consideration before making any rash decisions.

Spend time looking around

Once you first come up with the idea to get something manufactured in China it’s very easy to get carried away with yourself because you’re so excited. A random company from an unknown Provence tells you something you want to hear and you’re convinced they’re the right company for you. This is the worst possible thing you can do and the only way you’ll succeed is if you do tons of research, but if you do want a shortcut you can hire a western agent who is already on the ground and they’ll give you the advice you need.

More than one manufacturer

You can’t expect a single manufacturer to handle every single part of the production process in house. This might be a possibility if their only job is to build products for you, but they’ll be building products for many different companies and each product will need drastically different parts. It’s very likely they’re going to source nearly every component they use and they’ll finish everything off. You won’t be told who their sub-suppliers are because they’ll keep it secret for the sake of their business.

Use local materials where possible

You’re manufacturing products in China because you want to make a huge amount of money, so that means doing everything you can to keep costs down. You don’t have to sacrifice quality, but choosing something other than a local material is a strange move. If your supplier needs to import materials the cost of each product will increase and it might not be worth it. Unless a special material is part of your marketing strategy you can use any material as long as it ticks all the safety standard boxes.

Keep things very simple

Simple parts will go a long way to ensuring you end up with a great price per product and a delivery time that doesn’t suffer from constant delays. A lot of people seem to think keeping part of their product complex is a good thing because it means competitors won’t be able to come along and copy the design. This isn’t the right attitude to have and if you really want to know the truth your manufacturer might sell copies to competitors anyway, so keep it simple and focus on marketing your great product.

Take advantage of past experience

Try to speak to your manufacturer to find out what they’ve done in the past because you might find they have alternatives you can use for a much cheaper price. If they already have molds from a plastic injection moulding job it seems strange for them to build new ones if it’s easier for you to make a few simple changes to your product design. You can also listen to them when they tell you how they do things because they obviously believe their way is the optimum way and if you make them do it your way you’ll be charged a premium price.

China is the place to be

No doubt China is the place where you’ll make money at the moment if you find the right factory capable of giving you exactly what you want. Other people do it all the time which means there is no reason why you can’t. The things we’ve spoken about today will just make things a little easier.

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