6 Big Internet Marketing Ideas For Businesses With Small Marketing Budgets

On the internet, attention is currency, but attracting the eyes and ears of any target market is becoming increasingly difficult thanks to fierce competition. The benefits of utilizing internet marketing for your brand are invaluable but business operating on a small budget can find it challenging.

But you shouldn’t worry if you are on a tight budget and still wish to market your brand online; there are many entrepreneurs have manage to market their online businesses successfully without spending truckloads of money on marketing. Below are a few tips that you could use to market your business online:

1. Use google Plus local

Search engines are making search more personalized to user’s needs every day. If you’ve been using Google to perform searches, you will probably noticed that the results are often tailored to your location. This is because Google wants to ensure that the search results it delivers are totally relevant to the user’s intent and your business appears in listings.

With search results becoming more personalised and local, business that claim and properly optimise their google plus local page reap many rewards.

2. Get endorsed by a local celebrity

After the recent updates to Google’s search algorithms, social signals have become one of the most important metrics used to determine search rankings. As a result, most business now dream of having their service or products endorsed or mentioned by celebrities or people with a lot of clout on social media. But rather than break the bank to get your business endorsed by a superstar, try seeking out local celebrities, industry or opinion leaders instead.

This can range from people being talked about in local media including residents involved in noteworthy activities to any other “unsung Heroes”.

3. Get published on a reputable niche blog

Getting your business content on the front cover of a major publication may be hard, but you can still enjoy similar marketing opportunities by getting published on a niche SEO blog. After identifying your target market, select 3 to 5 blogs that they would be interested and contact the site owners with your own content ideas that will bring value to the blogs’ users. To increase your chances of being accepted, you can:

* Demonstrate goodwill by sending the owner free samples of your products or services, which can be given as gifts to the audience.

* Pitch ideas for blog posts you wish to add to the website and elaborate how users will find them useful and interesting.

* Request to interview them on your own website. This is a good way of enticing blog managers to help promote your business online since it also highlights his/her brand.

4. Create a professional LinkedIn group

Anyone can create a LinkedIn focus group – it’s easy, and it’s free – and use it to drive traffic to your website and increase sales. You need to transform this group into a vibrant professional network offering useful information. But avoid using it as a platform to hard sell anyone.

It may take some time before the group gets going, but you can speed up the process by starting discussion on topics the community will be interested in and providing useful resources. The group should also be a good place for member to meet with other professionals online.

5. Leverage social networking

Google plus, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. are all sites that you can only exclude from your internet marketing efforts at your own peril. By simply creating a business page on any of these sites, you will also be creating a host of new opportunities for meeting potential clients. Social media websites can also be a great source of traffic.

Social media is free to use, but small businesses that leverage it always experience a significant increase in monthly traffic. By sharing useful content and engaging your users, you will be able to create a vibrant community of followers, thereby raising your online profile and making your website easier for search engines to find.

6. Start an affiliate program

If you lack the money and time to invest in marketing your products or services, you can always get other to do it for you at a commission. Think about performance based marketing. Marketers can post on message boards, get create review websites, use social media, etc. to promote your products.

Bottom line

You need not have a lot of money to succeed in internet marketing. You only need to be a little creative and keep your ears on the ground. But you have to be willing to invest enough time and energy to succeed.

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