6 Little Design Niggles That Could Be Hurting Your Website

Do you ever get the feeling your website isn’t perfect only you can’t figure out why? When you look at the site it might seem fine, but you just have a sneaking suspicion something is off. We’re going to look at some of the little niggles other people are having and you can see if they apply to you too. Hopefully these suggestions reveal those answers you’ve been searching for.

Some colors don’t go well together

You probably know some colors don’t go well together, but do you really care? Have you sat down and carefully studied the colors you use on your blog? I only ask because most people think they are happy with the ones they’re using at the moment, but after giving it some thought they always change a few things. You should be using colors that complement each other because your website will look a lot more attractive.

Take some things away

Go over to your website then take a step back. Not physically, but I just want you to look at the website without any emotions attached. Imagine you’re a new visitor who has just landed on the site and you have no idea what it’s about. Do you really think everything you have displayed needs to be there, or can some of the less important things be taken away? You don’t want to overload your visitors with too many choices, so go crazy and delete some of them.

You can use more of some things

Now I’m going to say the complete opposite, because there are some things you need to add more of to your blog. Do you have any idea what those things are? Opt-in forms, buy-now buttons, product graphics, and sales page links should be scattered around your site in different places. They all have something in common and that is the ability to make you more money. Some people have so much crap in their sidebar, yet they don’t even have a product link under each article.

Too small isn’t good enough

If there is anything on your site that is too small you better change it quick. If someone can’t see something what do you think they will do? Will they ask to borrow their grandpa’s magnifying glass, or will they go and look at another site? If you’re a betting man I bet you wouldn’t put any money on the first one. Increase the size of everything on your page if it’s too small because you will only scare people away, but they won’t leave if something is slightly too big.

Stay professional at all times

It’s easy to get carried away and try some new and exciting things, but stay professional at all times. At the end of the day, you’re asking people to give you their money so you can’t go too far. A good example to look at is the use of beautiful women on websites. Someone figured out they can boost conversion rates, but it didn’t take long for more skin to be revealed. Those websites choose a quick buck over their long-term future by throwing away their professionalism.

Your important pages are hard to find

Have you ever wanted to buy something within a few minutes of landing on a website? It’s more likely if you’ve been on the site before, but it can still happen. When you want to buy something straight away you don’t want to search for the sales page too long otherwise you might change your mind. This is a terrible mistake I still see some people making, so do yourself a favor and make sure your important pages are easy to find.

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