7 Design Tips for Your New Blog

7 design tips for your new blog

Starting a new blog can be fun and exciting, but if you don’t know much about design, then you are going to need some help. There are all types of different designs, techniques, and other aspects that you could learn, but for a successful blog, you just need to know some basic tips. Take a look at these 7 tips for a better designed blog.

Keep the Clutter to a Minimum

Some blogs decide that it’s a good idea to implement so much stuff on one page. They will have a sidebar, links, multiple advertisements, images, a search bar, and flashing banners all located to the right of their content. This is such a bad idea for multiple reasons. First, if everything is cluttered, then no one is actually focusing on a particular thing, which means that your goals won’t be met. If you want them to click on an advertisement, then only having the AD there would be much more effective. Second, it distracts your readers from the content, which is the most important part of your blog. Third, it makes your blog look desperate and ineffective. You need to keep the clutter to a minimum by only implementing the essential stuff.

Use Subtle Design Techniques That Won’t Distract Your Readers

There are plenty of design techniques that can add value to your blog, but without being so distracting that it draws your readers away from the content. Adding shadows, textures, and gradients in a subtle way can make a beautiful site.

Use One Color Scheme

You should only use one color scheme and make sure it matches with your blog and will appeal to your target demographic. You shouldn’t be trying to implement multiple color schemes or use colors that won’t be attractive. For example, if you are targeting men that are aged 28-35, then using pink and purple type color schemes would probably not work out to well. While some men do like those colors, the majority would rather different.

Use Very Few Fonts & Keep Them Simple

Font can be fun to play around with, but when it comes to reading a large amount of content, you will want to keep it simple. Some failed blogs out there have tried to use hard to read font throughout their entire site, pushing their readers away because they didn’t want to deal with the font. You can use different fronts throughout your blog, but try and keep the simple and easy to read.

Use Call to Actions

Call to actions will help you achieve your blog’s goals. Whether it is to sell products or just to have people subscribe to your blog, call to actions will help you get them to do it. These are design techniques that call your readers to take action at a certain point. So for example, a great place to put a “Subscribe Now” button would be at the end of your content. They have already read your work, they read it all of the way through, so they probably like it, so now they can easily subscribe by clicking the button. It is easy and simple for them to subscribe and they wouldn’t have even thought about it unless they saw the button. Call to actions can be used in many different ways and for many different reasons.

Keep Your Loading Times in Mind

Your loading times can break your blog into pieces if they are too high. Looking for a reliable host should be your first priority. Next thing you have to keep in mind is, if you decide to post massive images that are not optimized correctly, people will need to wait extended amounts of time just to load your pages. This is especially bad when talking about people who use their cell phones and other devices to load your site. They might be connected to slow internet, which means they will probably just leave before they finish the site.

Each Design Decision Should Have a Goal

In the end, each decision you make about design on your blog should have a goal. If you can think of some great reasons why to add that design technique, and you can’t think of how it will hurt your blog, implement it. Just don’t try to add fancy design stuff just because you want it to look better, everything should have an ultimate goal.

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