7 Easy Ways To Become A Productivity Jedi

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What is the key to being at the top of your game? Achieving more in less time. It sounds like a logical fallacy, but productivity gurus do it all the time. We can learn a lot from the tactics of successful and incredibly busy outliers from the norm. They have somehow found routines that give them access to a productivity force; check out these easy ways for you to tap into it:

Laser Focus

Just quit multi-tasking. Constant (self-inflicted) interruptions have been proven to drastically reduce productivity, IQ, and energy levels. It’s clear that we all want to be ‘in the know’ and to keep a ‘big picture’ approach, but we’re doing it wrong! It’s all about practice. You can develop a maniacal focus on one thing for hours if you practice self-discipline.

Ward off Internet Distractions

Although unplugging from the internet is often impossible, particularly at the office, there’s a lot of hype lately among productivity experts about curbing internet usage. The internet usage I’m referring to here is of the extremely distracting social media and Wikipedia-curiosity-vortex type. Luckily, for those seeking to ruthlessly block out these distractions, which is a good start in getting rid of the habit, there are several technology solutions available. You can either temporarily block chosen websites with these tools, or measure how you spend time on the internet, which can be an eye-opening revelation at the very least.

Pick up the Phone

If you’ve emailed back and forth more than twice in one day within a conversation, you can easily give them a call and get to the bottom of it. A short conversation is bound to clear things up and save you some valuable time.

Get up Earlier

Peak productivity is not about luck, it’s about devotion. If you’re more productive before lunch, like many of us are, then you need to utilize this key window wisely. If you don’t believe me, pick up a copy of the latest biography of a successful writer or CEO and you’ll find that they often started their day well before sunrise. The habit of waking up earlier alone will strengthen your willpower and increase productivity in key areas of your life. But if you find a way to make the most out of the hours during which your brain is on peak performance, you’ve discovered the key to everything.

Get Lost

Don’t be so available to everyone and don’t say ‘yes’ to everything. Taking a step out of the office or switching off your phone may be taboos in some settings, but they can also be keys to massive productivity successes. So many of us have a deep need to be liked, which leaves us with a default, pleasing ‘yes’ as a response to so many inconvenient requests.

Utilize Time Tracking Tools

Especially for entrepreneurs and freelancers, but for most career-minded professionals in any field, you cannot adequately assess your productivity if you don’t know how your time is being spent! Start by getting a clearer picture of your current time management outcomes with a time tracking software. Not only will this allow you to increase your productivity through technology, but it will help you to assess your priorities to move forward with a more singular focus. You have to insure that your time is spent in accordance with your goals. Find any inconsistencies, or wastes of time, and either wean yourself or cut them out entirely. Give yourself the opportunity to focus your time and energy on your top priorities. This alone is what sets apart the average achievers from the more successful ones.

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