7 Million Americans Sign Up Under ACA

President Obama made a declaration stating that 7.1 million Americans have signed up for health insurance plans under the new Affordable Care Act. This announcement was followed by celebrations as the Obama administration not only achieved the target figure of 6 million enrollees but surpassed it by a mile.

The final figure of 7.1 million enrollees, which signifies a grand success of the affordable health care act, was a result of record shattering number of sign ups in the month of March. While it was looking impossible for the Obama administration to achieve the target figure of 6 million sign ups, the late rush of consumers in the last days of the deadline sky rocketed the new act to success.

  • Last hour rush:

According to the official data released by the Washington post, the website healthcare.gov received the maximum number of visitors on the last day before the deadline. Even after the deadline expired, there were more than 100,000 people logged on to the website trying to get registered. Considering the fact that there were so many people logged in to the website even till the late morning hours of the next day, the government has decided to offer a grace period to anyone who was stuck on the last day before the deadline expired.

  • The president praised his staff members and volunteers:

President Obama stated that “the law is doing what’s it’s supposed to do”. While talking to the press he also said that he is very hopeful of the success of the new affordable health care act and the record breaking number of sign ups is a clear indicator of the help that this act is extending from coast to coast.

It is well known that during the planning period of the new act, the congressional budget analysts anticipated a figure of 7 million sign ups but after the tuff opposition from the republicans, the target was scaled down to a figure of 6 million sign ups instead.

  • Critics have nothing to say:

The Affordable Care Act faced a lot of criticism. Some republicans even went on record to say that this act is destined for failure. Looking back at what critics had to say until the last month, it seemed almost impossible that the Obama administration would ever be able to reach the target of 6 million enrollees before the expiry of the deadline. However the final results have made it clear the common American people are supporting this act whole heartedly.

  • Outreach efforts were a success:

The surge in the number enrollees during the last few days of the enrollment period makes it clear that the Obama administration’s outreach efforts were largely successful. The government made full use of the print media, electronic media and the social networking platform in order to make more and more people aware about the new Affordable Care Act. One of the challenges before the Obama administration was to get young Americans enrolled under the new act, from the data released by the government it seems that the Obama administration was successful in achieving this sub target as well.

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