7 Tips on Saving Your Dollars

Saving your dollars does not necessarily mean cutting out your luxury expenses. In fact, most people can save money just by buying more of what they use. There are seven key things that every family can do to save dollars and be able to save more money for the things they want.

1. Garage Sales/ Online Auctions

Many people do not want to purchase anything that has been used before, however; when you go to a garage sale or online auction for things that may be expensive in stores, you can save actually save a lot of money. For example, that computer that your child needs for school may cost close to $1000 in a store but through an online auction, you can get lucky and find one for $500 or half price, just because it has been refurbished. The same goes for just about everything else. You can find electronics, toys and even clothes and shoes for every member of your family for much less than what you would pay in the store. Most of the time, the treasures you find will be only gently used with very little wear and tear on them.

2. Fill Your Tank

It may cost you more money to go ahead and fill up your gas tank on your vehicle, but it will pay off in the long run. You can see your fuel economy go from 18 miles per gallon up to 20 just by topping off your tank and not letting it go down below a half tank. This will also save you money when it comes to the upkeep of your vehicle as it will get more life out of your fuel filter and fuel pump.

3. Walk or Ride Your Bike

If it is a nice day out and you don’t need to go far, ride your bike or walk to where you need to go. This will provide you with much needed exercise as well as saving you gas money and maintenance on your vehicle. It may sound like a lot of work, but  you will come to enjoy it before you know it.

4. Coupons

When most people hear coupons, they think of the old lady counting out all of her coupons at the check out line, taking up time and making those behind her anxious and impatient. This is no longer the case. Take your electronic devices and put them to use for you; and those behind you in the grocery line. Use your computer or your smartphone to use your store cards and download online coupons. These coupons are stored on your card so when you go to check out at the store, the coupon will automatically show up when you scan your card.

5. Buy in Bulk

Bulk buying has been around for a while but it is one thing on the list of the 7 top ways to save your dollars that will likely always be there. When you buy things in bulk, you will not only save money on the initial purchase, you will also save time and money by reducing your trips to the store

6. No More Home Phone

Landline phones are expensive. In fact, in today’s world they are more expensive than cellular phones. If you already have a cellular plan, check with your provider about family plans. If you qualify for a family plan, you may only have to pay $10 a month for a home phone as opposed to $40 a month or more if you were to go through your local phone company.

7. Bundle Your Bills

Many people are opposed to bundling your bills into one monthly bill but it really does save you money. When you get cable hooked up, most cable companies do not require a contract so you are not obligated to stay with that company while you enjoy the low cost of television and Internet bundled together. You can also bundle your insurance. If you have renters or homeowners insurance with one company and auto insurance with another, chances are, you can save up to $100 a month just by putting all of your policies into one company.


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  1. These tips are very significant in achieving many savings of money especially dollars you’ve earned. These gonna be a good idea to converting any time into money. Great post!

  2. great post, I love tip about saving money on gas, because toda’s prices are soo huge that we all need to take a walk sometimes and save that one dollar.
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