8 Services Where Cheaper Is Not Usually Better

Everyone loves a good deal. From saving money at the gas pump to finding a special at the grocery store, you probably look for ways to reduce your cost on everyday products and services. Sometimes, though, cheaper isn’t better. For some services, you get what you pay for, and it isn’t always pretty. Here are eight services that you should think about before opting for the cheaper version.


If you’re paying someone to clean your house on a semi-regular or regular basis, then you’re going to want to invest in a quality service. Check references as well as the company’s history. Don’t assume that because they offer a cheaper service that you’re saving any money. They may cut corners in terms of the products they use or the services they’ll perform.

Salon & Beauty

It’s always great to find a salon or beauty parlor for less, but be wary of places that offer cheap haircuts. Businesses will need to recover the costs they cut somehow. This could mean that the person who does your hair is new and therefore doesn’t earn as much or is using inferior tools. Instead, try to find a place that offers incentives for coming back.

“Cheap” Flights

That $49 flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas sounds great until you get to the checkout page, where you’re being charged for a carry-on, your seat preference and a checked bag. While you might be able to snag a great deal on a last-minute trip using online booking sites, some airlines offer “cheap” flights and then add on so many extra fees and taxes that you would have been better off booking a less discounted flight with built-in features.

Auto Insurance

You’ve probably seen dozens of insurance commercials claiming low rates and comparable service to more expensive companies. In reality, you get the coverage you pay for when it comes to auto insurance. Cheap companies often refuse to shell out the cash when you need it, which means you’re effectively paying for nothing. Instead, shop around for a company that offers a bundle discount without shaving off any actual benefits.

Home Improvement

Electrical work, plumbing and yard work are three of the most dangerous home improvement services, and cutting costs here could cause more than just a headache. Instead of opting for the cheapest contractor you can find, spend some time researching and finding companies that have a solid reputation. Investing in a quality contractor will save you thousands over time.

Legal Representation

If you need an attorney for any reason, don’t settle for the one who offers ridiculously low rates. They could be charging you for nothing but advice, and you’ll need a much more comprehensive service. Price doesn’t equal talent in the legal field, but you should opt for an attorney who charges a reasonable fee and is clear about his or her services up front.

Cable & Internet

It’s easy to try and save money on your cable and Internet bill, and you should definitely try to get a discount where you can. However, if you rely on the Internet for work or school, then paying for less Internet will actually cost you more in the long run. To save some money, talk to a sales rep about cutting certain features without sacrificing what you need.

Finding a great deal might be good in many areas of life, but these are services you can’t afford to skimp on. Instead of assuming that cheaper is better, do some research and calculate the cost over a period of time rather than your immediate savings. Just remember the golden rule when it comes to finding a bargain: If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Jared Dawson is an driving instructor with over 12 years teaching experience. He recommends his students look into online car insurance from acceptanceinsurance.com.

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