A few ways to monetize your blog


Everyone has a passion for something. Typically your passion is not just your own, but is shared by millions of other people across the country. Building a blog is a great way to talk about what you love, connect with others in the same situation, and make some good money on the side.

A lot of bloggers have the first two steps down fine. With platforms like WordPress and Wix, it is now incredibly easy to get going with your blog and make it look good. Connecting is a matter of commenting on other blogs, being active in your sphere, and providing quality content.

Making money has a lot of bloggers stuck, however. This step is not as easy, as you either need a large number of active followers, or need your web guests to part from their hard-earned money. Here are a few quality ways bloggers are making money, with examples.

Affiliate Marketing

Most companies are willing to pay you a cut of the profits if you help refer customers to their products. Some companies will pay up to 50% of the profits. Usually these are companies that are not selling a physical product, such as subscriptions, ebooks, and courses. Other companies, like Amazon, will pay a much smaller percentage of the profits. The thing about Amazon, however, is that it is very well trusted, and you get a percentage of every product that they sell that customer in the next 24 hours. Meaning if a user clicks an affiliate link on your site, then heads over to Amazon. Anything purchased in the next 24 hours counts as your affiliate sale.

It is incredibly easy to sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program and add links to your site. Find something that your readers would be interested in, and do product reviews or find Amazon products that can solve their problems. This site offers stock market books and reviews to its readers. However, when the purchase button is clicked, the purchase takes place on Amazon. The readers prefer Amazon because it is trusted and a lot of them have Prime shipping, and the blogger prefers Amazon because they don’t have to deal with products and shipping.


If you don’t have a newsletter on your blog, then get one! It is really easy to add a simple form via Mailchimp or Aweber that will ask your guests to sign up for your newsletter. Once you have a big enough following you can reach out periodically with affiliate sales, and see the money roll in. If you go this route, always be careful to provide quality emails or you will lose subscribers fast. Don’t be spammy, don’t send emails too often, and always focus on quality. Here is a great website that asks for someone to sign for a newsletter, while at the same time helping the guest understand why it is a good idea.


This one is last because it is my least favorite. Everyone has seen ads by Google when they are on websites, however in my experience Google ads do not pay enough to make them worth their space. You will typically get paid per click on the ad, which is nice because they don’t actually have to buy, but depending on your industry, a click may not bring in that much cash. I also believe that people are used to seeing ads and unless it strikes the perfect cord, chances are their eyes glaze right over it.

These are just the basic ways. There are other creative ways bloggers find to monetize their site all the time. Some ways are more risky, such as selling links, but all work if done right and if enough traffic is to be had.

Good luck!

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Jonny is a recent graduate from Brigham Young University with a degree in public relations. He loves to talk about business, finance, real estate, and retirement. He currently works as a start-up consultant and real estate advisor.

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