Are Your Employees Sleeping Through Meetings? Here’s How to Keep Them Awake 

For many folks in the business world, there is no more terrifying prospect than a meeting. When employees have to go to a meeting or presentation, they often try to think of ways that they can get in some shuteye without getting caught. This sad situation exists because far too many presenters give little thought to keeping employees entertained while they are hosting a meeting. A meeting that does not keep attendees engaged is one that is a complete waste of time and resources. If you want to make sure that your employees stay awake and engaged during meetings and data visualization presentations, then follow these tips to make your presentations more exciting.

Make Them Interactive

There is no better way to make your meeting boring and sleep-inducing than to make them dry lectures in which you are the only one speaking. The best way to keep employees interested during a meeting is to keep them engaged. Encourage them to ask questions during the meeting. Don’t make them wait until the end of your talk to ask questions. Let them jump in with questions at any time to keep the presentation energetic and vibrant.

As well as allowing the attendees to ask questions, you also need to ask them questions. Don’t be afraid to call out any member of the audience at any point. If you make this a regular habit during your company’s meetings and presentations, it will help to ensure that everyone in attendance will pay attention. After all, no one wants to be embarrassed by being called on to answer a question about a topic they have no clue about. Knowing that they can be singled out at any point during the meeting will make sure that your employees are focused and mentally present at all times during your company’s meetings.

Get Physical

One of the easiest ways to get your employees to fall asleep during meetings is to turn the light off and have a presentation projected on the big screen. A dark room and attendees sitting in comfy chairs is a recipe for disaster. Try to avoid this scenario at all costs. Instead, you should try the benefits of making parts of your meeting physical.

For example, you can ask everyone to stand up and get in a circle. Use a ball to act as a speaking device. Nobody can speak unless they are holding the ball. Standing up and tossing around a ball will make sure that the blood is flowing in your employees’ bodies, and this will help them to be alert and creative during your meetings.

Try Some Small Group Discussion

Many people feel uncomfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas in front of a large group. They hate the feeling of being singled out. However, these same people often have no problem voicing their opinions in a small group. Take advantage of this by making sure every one of your meetings contains small group discussions.

This is a particularly effective tactic when you are facing a difficult problem in your business. Often, some of the most innovative solutions will come out of these small group discussions. These are ideas that could fail to see the light of day if the people who come up with them are too shy to share them in a large group.

Just make sure that there is a moderator circling the room during these small group discussions. The moderator can make sure that each group is staying on task, and they can also help to sort out any conflicts that arise during these small group discussions.

If you follow these tips, you will ensure that your meetings are as exciting and engaging as possible. Instead of dreading meetings, employees will be excited to attend them. This will make sure that your meetings are as productive as possible, and it will help to give your company a competitive edge over your rivals.

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