Banks Need To Be Wary Of New Threats

In the good old days, if someone wanted to rob a bank, they would do so in a very traditional way. We all know the format, someone would walk into a bank and wave a gun in the teller’s face and demand that they fill up a bag with a lot of money. This sort of crime has been the backbone of so many films and stories over the years that it is inevitably the method that many people think of when it comes to bank robberies. However, the modern criminal is a much more cultured and technologically advanced criminal, which means that they are likely to carry out their deeds in different ways. This means that banks and security staff have to be on their guard for a new wave of crime and criminals.

An example of this can be seen in the massive crime that took place in a Barclays Bank in July of 2013, which saw the criminals finally get convicted in March of 2014. Given that these cases are following the official court process, information about the crimes is never divulged until the conclusion of the cases, but it seems as though this crime was a well-planned one that was based on the use of cutting edge technology.

A lot of money can be stolen in a short period of time

A thief managed to install a device that would later let their associated gain access to the computer systems of many High Street banks. This enabled the gang to seal around £90,000 before the crime was recognised and dealt with. Staff members at the Barclays Bank flagged the matter up and it was passed on to the police. After investigation, the police were able to recover a keyboard, video and mouse device (which is the KVM device) and this was the device that made it possible to enable an external user to gain access to a number of computers and networks from a remote location. It is a stunning piece of technology that enables people to commit crimes of the highest nature but of course, it makes combating these criminals a far more difficult process for all those involved with the banking and finance sector.

The gang carried out this crime a number of times

Another similar device was installed by the same criminal two months later in the Rotherhithe branch of Santander. This branch, located in the Surrey Quays, is another busy branch, located not too far from many of the major financial institutions in the city. While this device was properly installed, there were no financial losses from this system. Investigations led the police to a property in Hounslow in the west of the capital and the police managed to find associated who had been recently logged into the KVM device. The gang was in the process of accessing the accounts but no money was taken at this point. The police were able to carry out ten arrests during the raid and the man that placed the device, Dean Outram, was apprehended and arrested close to the branch of Santander.

The initial cyber-attack undertaken by the gang was back in April of 2013 and there were sizable sums of money involved with these thefts. This style of theft indicates how tricky it can be to stop these crimes from happening or for the criminals to be tracked down. The increasing use of CCTV footage around the country and in major cities means that there should be a chance to track down people who are involved in this sort of activity but given the size of some of the gangs involved with this style of crime; it may be that there are many different links to go through.

It is likely that there will be many more crimes of this nature taking place and you can guarantee that computer crime will become a more prevalent part of modern life for people. It is fair to say that computers offer a lot of positive elements to people in the modern era but there are some drawbacks as well. There is a need for security departments and officials to stay one step ahead of the criminals but there is a considerable level of skill and understanding operating at the front line for criminals.

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