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The iPhone is a handy device for keeping in touch, checking in on social media, and playing endless games of Angry Birds. It’s also good for organizing your finances. With the app store consisting of thousands of apps, you have a range of choice. Here are just some of the most popular finance apps currently on the market for the iPhone. is a website which synchronizes banking details. They also have an official iPhone app. To use it, you have to sign up for an account on the website. When you’ve done this, enter your details into the app.

It synchronizes all your online bank accounts into the same app. Access transaction details from each account remotely, as well as make and accept payments. By synchronizing the accounts, you have the power to control all your incoming and outgoing wealth sources. It’s an alternative to many of the organizational applications available today.

One of the main advantages is you only have to log in once. Rather than individually signing in to each banking account, offers this information in one interface.

It has full support and receives regular updates from the main brand.


Saving hard copies of your receipts and bills increases the chances of losing something. It’s also more difficult to keep track of household expenses. Argosity tracks every transaction you have. It allows you to access your details from anywhere, and you can also go back over the last few months.

This is why it’s also a useful app for investors who regularly trade on the markets.

Argosity comes with its own GPS feature. When you’ve finished your shopping for the day, you can look back with this feature to figure out where you spend your money. It makes updating your finances much simpler.

The app also has its own website. Use the same account information to log into the website to access all the same information from a desktop computer. Likewise, make changes on your desktop and it will replicate itself on the app version.


Going one step further than Mint and Argosity, iBank aids in financial discipline. Like, it tracks each online banking account and synchronizes them into one interface. You can view each of your outgoing and incoming transactions, as well as look back through your financial history.

Set alerts for yourself to make sure you don’t spend over a certain limit. It’s the ideal answer to damaging impulse buys.

Market traders, or those with international accounts, can also benefit from the multiple currency feature. It automatically converts currency into another currency using real-time international exchange rates.

iBank features a desktop version of its app. Use it for multiple accounts, such as business and other family members. It’s also possible to synchronize these accounts together to create a single financial overview.


iPiggy is an app which helps with saving for specific goals. If you have a wedding coming up, you can input the amount you need to save and the deadline date. The app will calculate how much you need to save each day, on average, in order to meet your goal. You can do this with any event, or just because you want to start saving more frequently.

It also offers useful tips on how to cut down on expenses and preset saving plans. Input separate savings plans at the click of a button. It can save up to five individual saving plans, which you can customize at any time.


BillMinder is easily one of the best apps for tracking bills in a variety of different ways. It’s won the ‘Staff Favorite’ and ‘What’s Hot’ awards from Apple. Track your expenses from your iPhone screen with charts, category management, alerts/notifications, and a calendar.

As well as viewing the numbers, you can convert it into a visual graph or chart. Print it out by sending it to AirPrint. You can also export it from your iPhone as a PDF to a computer or email account.

Prepare a list of alerts consisting of upcoming bills and expenses. An afternoon spent inputting your bill information for the next year into the app provides all the organization you need for the next 12 months.


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