Better Delivery – How To Invest In Customer Satisfaction

In any business, delivery one of the most important parts of your service and is the point where you seal the deal and make sure that people want to buy from you again. Delivery doesn’t just apply to warehouses and online stores but is important for any kind of business – even those that provide a service. What delivery actually means, is the speed and efficiency with which you fulfil your commitment and the way you present the work you have done or the product you are providing. In the case of a B2B accounting company, delivery might mean the speed at which you get figures in, the way you communicate with your clients and the way you present the numbers.

For the most part, delivery does mean actually delivering physical packages and if your business has a warehouse or some other collection of stock then it’s crucial that you make sure you handle this part of your service well. Otherwise you might find that your customers are unhappy with the overall service they receive even if they were satisfied with the product itself. An unhappy customer will not only be unlikely to use your business again in future, but they may also give you a bad reputation.

How to Make Your Customers Happier With the Same Product or Service

Fortunately there are a few ways you can improve your customer satisfaction as a result. For one, you should make sure you are using warehouse software. This will allow you to keep tabs on the status of your stock so that you know at all times what you have in store and where to find it. In turn this will enable you to complete more orders on any given day and thus reduce delivery times. It will also mean that you waste less money on lost stock and damaged items and that you know when you need to order or manufacture more of any given product.

Another important factor here is how you go about actually delivering the parcels, which is most likely to be handled by a logistics company. Make sure that you use a logistics company that you can trust and work closely with them to optimise their delivery process. Likewise you need to think about how you are optimizing your organization and delivery from your end – using warehouse management systems for instance can help you to eliminate situations where you send items to the wrong address and thus help you save a lot of money and embarrassment.

Similarly, you should invest in the best possible packaging to keep your items safe and secure in transit and to demonstrate that you value your customers. In short, you should see investments aimed at improving your packaging and delivery as highly worthwhile in the long run.

Exceeding Expectations

There are other things you can do to further give your customers a satisfying experience. One thing you can do is to give your customers the ability to track their order and to provide a helpline to help track down lost orders. If there are any problems you should also make sure to go out of your way to make it up for them – see these mistakes as an opportunity to prove yourself rather than a problem and be willing to make a loss for this particular transaction as it will serve as a loss leader for their future loyalty.

Likewise you should also aim to give conservative predictions for when you think the delivery date will be. By predicting that your parcels will take longer to arrive, you can ensure that your customers are more likely to be pleasantly surprised by your business rather than disappointed and let down.

Including extra gifts is also a great way to make your customers happier with your service and to exceed expectations and again it’s worth eating into your profit margin slightly here if it means you get more custom. If you sell screen protectors for your tablets for instance, why not throw in a free stylus? It will cost you barely anything, but the goodwill it affords you in return will be priceless (discount vouchers for future purchases are also a brilliant option as they will give shoppers incentive to come back). Aim to exceed expectations and you will find your customers return time and again.

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