Career Watch for the Aspiring Chartered Accountants

Chartered accounting is a career option that is not only a globally recognized profession, but also emerging as a preferred career option among students. If you are also planning a career as a Chartered Accountant, read on the following article that gives an overview of the profession.

Chartered accountants are the professionals who are skilled in interpreting, planning and examining all the forms of financial transactions. Chartered accountants (CAs) find high demand in financial institutions and corporates to handle auditing, interpreting and analyzing client’s financial statements, business liquidations, and handling taxation formalities.

Career Opportunities

Career as a chartered accountant offers several lucrative job opportunities. Almost all the career options in the field offer growth prospects. However, it is important to take a look at the different career options to choose the one that meets your career goal.

Some of the popular career options in the field include investment banking, fund management, financial analyses, and professional services. Experienced as well as fresh CAs are absorbed by corporate and service sectors, such as telecom, banking, security market and finance. There is a rising demand for CAs in financial services and manufacturing sectors. The aspiring candidates who even rank at top positions in the final exam merit list of CAs successfully find well-paid job offers.

The employment avenues for chartered accountants have increased manifold with the rapid changes in the economic conditions of the society. These professionals can occupy the key positions in different industries and functional areas, including electronic commerce, risk assessment and performance measurement. The services of chartered accountants are also demanded for conducting organizational investigations with an aim to achieve enhanced managerial efficiency and find reason for the fluctuations in the profits of the company. Working with public accounting practice firms, CAs offer their services to large commercial organizations, public sector or private individuals. Job roles in not-for-profit, industry or commerce are available in financial management, treasury management and reporting roles.

Requirements – Educational & Skill Sets

In order to pursue a career as a chartered accountant, the candidate needs to meet the educational requirement. An undergraduate degree in accounting is the minimum requirement to study CA course. The candidate holding a graduate degree in accounting or an MBA degree makes the candidate more eligible for the program.

Apart from educational requirements, the candidate willing to pursue a career in accountancy also needs to develop certain skills. Some of the important skills required include analytical skills, critical thinking, a keen eye on every important detail, excellent numerical skills, and computer skills. Since the services of a CA are mainly directed towards the client’s needs, the job also demands strong interpersonal skills to interact with the clients.

Chartered accounting is a global career option. Hence, it is vital to choose a university or institution that is internationally recognized to widen employment avenues. The aspiring candidate can find several organizations that offer certifications in chartered accounting. Moreover, many universities in several countries offer more than one certification program. All you need to do is research properly the institutions across the globe where you wish to pursue the professional course in accounting and compare the certification process, admission requirements and fees.

CONCLUSION: In the current challenging and dynamic business environment, chartered accountants play a crucial role in assisting the large business organizations, government agencies and private companies in their financial resource management. As a result, CAs are in huge demand in all the types of business organizations and sectors to achieve their business goal.

So, choose one of the suitable career options available in the field that matches your interest areas and strengths.

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