Cloud Computing: The Latest Buzz in Technology

Recent advancements in technology have turned us all into work-shirkers who keep looking for means to incorporate shortcuts and reduce workload. One of the best technological additions in recent years for hard(ly) working people like us has been the Cloud Computing technology. This technology can further reduce your work, as it makes use of Internet to perform the tasks you perform on your computer. Surprisingly, it remains to be a mystery even today for about 41% senior IT professionals, who admit to have no clue about this technology. 

In simple language, Cloud Technology is an efficient technique wherein an organization can reduce their work by handing over some or all of their infrastructure and operations to someone else for management. This technology comes in the form of three services, i.e. Infrastructure as a service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service. Some of the innumerable benefits and revolutionary changes resulted by the Cloud Technology have been discussed below: 

Better Connectivity
Cloud based programs could be used on any device at any time, if you have Internet connection. This could be a great advantage for businesses with remote employees who can enjoy better collaboration and connectivity. Cloud-based software can help teams in different locations collaborate on documents by sharing calendars and task lists, without emailing attachments. Participants would just need to sign up for the service and access the program over Internet, without the need to download or install program software. Connections through instant messaging and spontaneous meetings with strong audio, video and web conferencing capabilities can also be held using these services. You can make use of this improved connectivity to react quickly to business opportunities.

Save Time And Money
Cloud Computing aims to save both-your time and money, which are two of the world’s most valuable assets. Some ways in which you can use Cloud Technology to save your money and time have been discussed below:

  1. No more overspending
    With Cloud Technology, you can easily manage your growth and enhance your efficiency. Instead of predicting your requirements, you can now cater to your needs as soon as they arise, without planning in advance. You would be able to take advantage of most business opportunities, while also keeping a check on your budget and hence avoid overspending. It would also improve your flexibility and enhance your reacting capabilities. With Cloud based services, you need not spend money to maintain your server, power or cooling costs, and software licensing or upgrade expenses. Cloud computing not only has the ability to scale up to meet increased demand, but it also enables you to scale down during slower periods. This in turn helps you save a lot of money.
  2. Save Your Time
    Advent of Cloud Technology has helped IT professionals make better use of time. With this technology, most activities can be easily streamlined and automated, thereby saving time of developers. This has been made possible with PaaS (Platform as a Service) which has eliminated the hassles of development for developers and made things easy for them.

Secure data backup
With Cloud Technology you can retrieve latest versions of your data in case of an on-site system failure or disaster. You can use Cloud-based services to back up your data and store it automatically to a safe online location. This would ensure that your data is safe and easily retrievable in case of any unexpected situation. This feature of Cloud Technology is extremely useful in case of natural disasters, system failure or even during office moves. You can hence, keep your business up and running even during these situations.

The Cloud technology is here to stay and change the way most of us do business. It has now made it possible for small business-owners to dream big and procure the rewards and benefits reaped by most big businessmen. With a direct correlation to Internet, this technology has come up with a revolutionary promise of computing as a utility.

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