Compare Electricity Suppliers Before You Switch

Although being able to choose your electricity supplier can prove to be both beneficial and empowering, it can also be quite a hassle. After all, if you are going to make the decision about which electricity supplier to use, you should at least take the time to research the issue and come up with an informed decision. Not only will this help you cut your electricity bill in the future, but it can also help ensure that your electricity supplier is the right one to meet your needs and preferences.

Here are some of the things that you need to consider if you are thinking about switching to another electricity supplier:


The terms of the contract that you will be signing with your electricity supplier are some of the most important factors in the selection process. Some of the questions that need to be asked include the length of the contract, the obligations of the participants to one another, and whether the terms of the contract can be changed after it has been agreed to.


Similarly, cost is another factor that should receive special attention. Not only do you need to find out about the price paid to use electricity, but also how that price is going to change over time. For example, a fixed rate means that the price remains constant, whereas a capped rate means that there is an uppermost limit but also that the price can fall depending on the circumstances. You should also make some effort to find out about additional charges and expenses other than the consumption of electricity.

Customer Opinion

If you are stuck about how to investigate claims that electricity suppliers are making about their services, the best place to look is among their past and present customers. Use a search engine such as Google to look for complaints about the electricity supplier on sites such as the Better Business Bureau and how those complaints ended up being resolved. You should also solicit opinions about the right electricity supplier if you have the time to visit online communities where people gather to talk about bargains.

Electricity Generation Method

Some people might consider it important to choose electricity suppliers that get their electricity from sustainable sources such as solar and wind. Even if there are no electricity suppliers available that draw on nothing but sustainable sources of energy, conscientious customers can still promote sustainable energy by choosing suppliers that include sustainable sources in their mix.

Payment Options

Although not as important as some of the other factors mentioned here, customers should still check with electricity suppliers to make sure that their favorite payment methods are supported. For example, some people might want to check if automatic monthly billing is supported because using it helps them avoid making late payments.


People shopping for the right electricity supplier should ask about the penalties that are levied in case they fail to fulfill their obligations under the contract. Common examples include late fees and contract breach penalties.


Ultimately, you should make your choice of electricity supplier based on the factors most important to you. For example, if you want to reduce emissions but find that sustainable energy is still too expensive, you might want to consider looking into natural gas companies.


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