Custom Printed Checks Add Style And Professionalism

Build your Brand, Branding, establish your Brand. Every day you hear about the importance of creating, building, and marketing your business’s brand – and what is a brand? It can be whatever you like: your company logo, slogan, symbol, or even a specific product – something that identifies your business instantly to the consumer. There are an infinite number of possibilities to use in establishing your brand, but one timeless classic is using custom printed checks for all business payments. Think of it this way, a custom printed check should be as inventive and detailed as your business card – it is a statement of your company and its dedication.

Custom Printed checks do more than look pretty, they will set the bar for professionalism, creativity, brand awareness, and style for your company. The idea is to create a look that is iconic, instantly recognizable to anyone, something that leaps out and stands out with the ultimate goal being the instant identifying of your company from just glancing at the check.

The following are a few types of branding tactics that feature well on custom printed checks:

  1. Corporate logos – think of the Nike swoosh or Ralph Lauren’s Polo Rider design, each logo is synonymous with that business entity. The idea is to choose something distinctive, easy to remember, and have it always prominently posted next to your business name or product for association. An easy place to post on company checks is the upper left side and having the logo embossed or etched into the paper is a nice touch;
  1. Company Slogans – again take Nike (Just Do It) or Subway (Eat Fresh), both of these slogans are instantly associated with the company name when mentioned. The slogan should be short and catchy, nothing that requires numerous repetitions for identity. A good place for the slogan would be just below the signature line on the lower right side of the check and it should be written in a different font and color from the rest of the check printing;
  1. A Business Color – if your company uses a particular color or color combination in its logo you could make this the color of your checks or have a border or ribbon of the color running through the check. Food for thought: Red means strong, active, bold; Orange means adventure and inspiration; Yellow means illuminating and uplifting; Green associates your business with nature and the environment; Turquoise means balance and energized; Blue is associated with honesty; Gold imparts luxury and value while Silver can be calming and serene.

A Custom Printed Check shows your clients and business partners you and your company are together, branded, and going strong. The effort of the details is very telling to anyone willing to read the signs- custom printed checks give your company an additional lift of professionalism and creativity. The fact that you took the time to add distinction and detail to your accounts payable department highlights the determination and dedication to your company and to your business.

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