Customer Loyalty Programs That Work

For most businesses, it’s not all about getting new customers. It’s about retaining the ones you already have. If you can convert your casual customers to regulars, you’ll have a steady stream of income from them with very little extra advertising. Customer loyalty programs are a tried and true method of encouraging customers to return. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few that have impressive results.
1. A Points System

Whether you total up your customers’ points digitally with every purchase or give them a punch card to hand in, this is a great way to build customer retention and increase purchases. People love getting free things, and they will often buy much more than usual if they’ve got a shot at something free.

2. VIP Benefits

Charge an annual or one-time fee upfront to give your customers a VIP treatment, such as free shipping or special sales. Knowing they get special benefits makes them more inclined to purchase frequently.

3. Make It a Game

Create a monthly sweepstakes. The prize is a gift card or store credit, and you earn a sweepstakes entry with every X amount of dollars you spend. If customers know they have another shot at winning every month, they’ll keep coming back to try their luck.

4. Internet Rewards

Thank your loyal social media followers by occasionally giving them special privileges — an Internet-only coupon or a discount for every retweet. Using your social media pages to encourage customer loyalty reaches a huge demographic, as well as being a fast way to get the word out to new customers.

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