Cutting Corners Can Create A Few Extras When Unemployed

Life is certainly not easy when we are in between work, and those little extras we used to take for granted can seem a million miles away. After all, you should be saving every last penny for survival, how on earth could you think about a few luxuries or pick me ups? Well you could think about trying to cut out some less than obvious outgoings that you missed the first time around. This article offers a few extra tips on ways to save a bit extra for those nice things in life.

The Basics

Life can seem pretty dull without those little treats, and we certainly need one or two things to look forward to when things get tough. We are not talking about tropical holidays or sports cars, but there is no reason to do without the odd treat. It is all about priorities and seeing what you are currently splashing the cash on regarding bills and living expenses.  You will usually discover one or two stupid purchases if you look hard enough.

Check Your Statements

Even if you have already budgeted since leaving your last job, why not take a second, closer, look? Get your bank statements out, or check online, and highlight every expenditure item on the document. Once you have your list, investigate the source of this outgoing and refer back to the service provider plan. See if there are any ways that you can reduce the outgoing by switching to a more cost efficient plan. You can often save a lot of money by following this practice. You might also want to explain to the customer advisors about your current work status and see if they have any concession plans, or perhaps they could suspend the charges until you are back in employment?

Are You Claiming Properly?

Thousands of us are not claiming correctly and this is usually not in our favour. Make a visit to your Citizens Advice Bureau and see if they can help you. Bring all of your relevant information and documents, they will go through it with a fine toothcomb and see if there are any omissions regarding your claim.

Extra Work – Cash in Hand

Take advantage of the extra time you have at your disposal and see if your neighbours have any ‘odd jobs’ that they need doing.  You will be surprised at how many little jobs are left undone because others are simply too busy to get round to them. A few quid here and there will soon add up to a healthy sum. More importantly, you will keep yourself busy and your attitude will remain nice and positive.

Treat Time!

If you set yourself a target goal, you will have a lot more fun whilst doing these jobs and following the new regime. Pick something that you really would love to have or to do, and work out the total cost. Tailor your activities towards this objective and you will be enjoying that little luxury before you know it. This type of exercise is great because it brings you something nice, and also will help to maintain your sense of worth when you are in between jobs.

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