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The things we buy and use will not be known had it not been for advertising.  Advertising is a business that promotes almost all kinds of products to the public through various means.  Manufacturers and other businesses know that for their products or services the public should be aware of their existence.  An advertising agency will be able to do this job in disseminating to the public what a product or service should be.

Media used in advertising

The media used in advertising are print, radio, television and past ten years or on the internet. Here are the following reasons for the use of the media:

  • The newspaper is one of the main print media used in advertising because of the huge number of people it reaches.  It is also the cheapest for people to buy and get the latest news and information.
  • Radio advertisement is another media that has gained much revenue from advertising.  It is a lot cheaper than television and reaches a wider base where television signals cannot reach.
  • Television has been a long time media for advertising campaign by large companies.  Product demos have captured the imagination and curiosity of TV audience.
  • Online advertisement on the internet has now an exposure that could easily get the attention of millions people going online every day.  It has almost the same effect or even better effect than TV.

Doing the advertising business

An advertising outfit can be a small unit like an advertising agency.  Often they do business in a smaller scale and volume compared to companies and corporations in the same industry.  Most of them would be on local scope unlike larger outfits that can do business nationwide or even internationally.  Large advertising outfits can also have agencies under them or working for them to get more business.

An agency therefore will not have the manpower needed to service large accounts that may require the services of graphic artists and engineers.  They would not have studios that can accommodate some special scenes for an advertising layout.

Agency local scope

A local scope for an advertising agency will have its defined boundaries where it will provide service especially if it has a mother company with other existing agencies.  It can deal with the media within its boundaries.  Usually companies that would like to advertise in a specific area could also hire agencies even if they do not have an office in the area.

The advantage of an agency in a local scope is they are familiar with the locality’s preferences.  They would be able to make advertisements that appeal to the taste and likes of the community.  Marketing executives of companies know the differences of people in different geographic locations.  Advertisements must appeal to the weaknesses of a locality to remember the products or services being advertised.

The local area where an agency is located should be very familiar with its demographics.  An out of this world example is for an agency to be able to create an advertisement for a two piece swimsuit to sell in Alaska.

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