Don’t Print Off Your Next Batch Of Business Cards Until You Read This

As soon as someone takes a business card out of your hand there is a possibility you will be called about a job. Who doesn’t need more business at the moment? I bet you’re not beating customers away with a stick. Before you run away and print off hundreds of rubbish business cards you must remember that it needs to stand out. If it doesn’t it will stay in the kitchen drawer, so we’re going to look at some of the things you should take into consideration before you get them printed.

Easy on the eye

Your card should obviously stand out, but that doesn’t mean it should look like a child designed it with their eyes closed. Color is the easiest way to make something easy on the eye, because when you choose colors that go well together your card will look much better. You should also stick with a standard font and people won’t need to work out what you’re trying to say.

Add social

Everyone has a social media account these days, so it’s probably a good idea to set one up and reference it on the card. If you want to reach the most people you can use Facebook. You might not get a lot of enquiries through your account, but you can give people great information about your industry and you will be the first person they think of when the time comes.

Closing a sale

You don’t want to have too many contact details on your card. Pick the one that will mean you close the most sales. If you don’t make any sales through email there is not much point in having an email address on your card. Speaking to someone on the phone is a great way to close a sale, but if you’re never around a phone during the day they will have to leave a message.

A nice graphic

Try to use a nice graphic because when two cards are in the same drawer the person will pick up the most interesting one first. If one card is plain white it won’t be very attractive. This will obviously depend on the kind of business you run and I’m not suggesting you should have a pink flamingo on your card if you’re a lawyer. Try to make it good looking if it won’t hurt business.

Call to action

Don’t just tell someone what you do because they don’t care. If you’re an electrician you don’t want to write this on the card because it means nothing to them. What will you do that will improve their life. Something like ‘I will fix any electrical problem you have’ will stand out more than any other electrician’s card they have, and they will have more than one in the drawer.

Choosing a weird shape

A lot of businesses decide they will take it to the next level and choose the weirdest shape in the world for their business card. This is great up until a point, but if it can’t get filed away with all the other cards it will just get thrown out. If you don’t want that to happen, you should make sure your card is the same standard size as other cards even if you chop a few bits off.

Don’t throw away business

You never really know how much business a simple little card will bring you. They don’t cost a lot to print off, yet they could bring you a thousand dollars’ worth of business. It’s obvious that you should take a while trying to design the perfect card because it’s so valuable to your company.

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