Do You Know How to Find a Blog Post Topic Which Really Reader Want to Read?

New and awesome content is now really very important for increasing your website’s ranking in search engine results. A blog post which really helpful to solve queries of others will become popular within a day. Create awesome content for blog to increase popularity of a website.

If your website is set up google search console tool with google analytics, you can view easily & precisely what people are trying to find and they get your website as result on search. This report gives all details about search query.

If you didn’t set up Google analytic with Google Search Console, you can easily connect it. Just check out this video from Ileane Smith, who runs her blog – basic blog tips and shares blogging tips.

If you have already connected google analytics and google search console, this report will give you search term which people are searching and as a result your website is displaying on search engine.

  1. Go to Google Analytics
  2. Open Acquisition
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Queries

Find keywords

Go to – best question & answer website. Go to search bar and type your Keyword. For Example I took mageno development.

You will get so many questions from People really want to solve their query through best platform called Quara.
Quara - type your question

Select Good questions which really related to your niche and write great content for it. Doesn’t yo think so its really good blog post topic? Reader love to read your blog post because through the blog post their query will be solved.

You can also find good blog post topic forum. Go to google type keyword+forum. You can see lots of forum, open forum select questions and write content for a specific topic.

blog topic from forum

Share, Share & Share awesome content. Content is King for SEO. The first step is proper research work, the second step is to write an epic content and third step is viral your content through social media. Enjoying Blogging :

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