Finding A Successful Career In The New Year

For many people, a new year is widely considered to be a new start, or a clean slate. It’s a chance to really find success and make something of themselves. That wasn’t the case for 2014, as recent figures show that 2.49 million people in the UK rang in New Year’s unemployed. What’s more is that a large percentage of the people who are working don’t even consider themselves to be successful, and many of them want a new, better career.

The truth is that although the idea of finding something new seems daunting, it’s not actually that difficult. Finding a successful career comes down to 4 simple steps, and everybody is capable of following them.

Putting Yourself Out There

Firstly, you won’t find your new career until you start the ball rolling and get yourself out there. Start applying for jobs, and research the potential careers that are suited to you. The job of your dreams won’t just land at your feet, if you want it; you have to work for it. The internet has several great recruitment websites on offer such as Reed, Indeed, and Total Jobs. All of these sites offer excellent exposure with jobs in various sectors.

Social Media

What many people don’t realise is that social media isn’t just for teenage girls anymore; it’s an integral part of everyday life, even in business. Practically every person on the planet has a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile; smart people take advantage of this. Social media allows you advertise and broadcast yourself all over the world, whether you’re networking with potential employers on LinkedIn or tweeting your skills on Twitter.

Curriculum Vitae

When you’re looking for a job your C.V is your greatest weapon, it will be the first thing an employer will see, if it sucks, you aren’t getting anywhere. Be creative, your C.V is going to represent you so put in the effort! Think about the layout, the font and the colour, your employer will see hundreds of C.V’s all the time so make yours stand out from the crowd.


People who can communicate always do well; they know what to say and when to say it. If you want to find success you have to do the same. Having good communication skills normally comes down to practice and experiences, for those who need extra help why not try an NLP training course, like the ones on offer here. NLP is a revolutionary practice that, when applied can turn you into the Master of your world. Phobias and bad habits can be conquered, and you will learn new ways to communicate allowing you get your point across in a straightforward manner that others will instantly understand.

NLP could even improve your sales patter, should you want to go into this career. By understanding more about communication on the whole, you can form better relationships with potential clients and learn how to adapt your language for the situation.

Opening yourself up to these 4 steps will help improve your chances at finding success and enjoying a happy healthy career.

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By Chris Mayhew

Chris Mayhew has started the New Year off by looking for a new job. He would recommend NLP training from Performance Partnership to anyone wanting to improve their communication in order to find a new career.

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