Five Reasons Why Small Business Owners Should Choose Onsite IT Support

In today’s world there are very few businesses that do not rely heavily on their IT systems. For most small business owners, being without their IT systems for even a small amount of time comes close to unthinkable.

Businesses life constantly requires decisions to be made. When looking at your IT support your first decision is whether you will do your IT support yourself or outsource this to an IT support provider. If you lack the expertise and time to do this yourself, then outsourcing is a rational decision.

The next decision to be made is whether to use a remote IT support provider or an Onsite provider. Whether you’re selling insurance services in Sydney or Windows server support in Brisbane, there are arguments for both. In this article, we’ll look at the advantages of onsite support.

Face to Face Contact

Communication technology has shrunk the world. We can live thousands of miles from people and still communicate in real time. This makes travel and physical meetings unnecessary: and yet we still like to do business face to face.

Human beings are social creatures and there is something hard wired into us that in many cases gives us a preference for dealing with people when they are in our presence. And it’s not just this primordial hard wiring that makes onsite IT support a choice for some businesses.

Some people just find it easier to explain things and have things explained to them when someone is standing before them. What can seem confusing over the telephone is much simpler face to face. Also, it is a great deal easier to build a relationship with someone who is in the same room as us, and this relationship building is not to be underestimated.

Confidence Building

This is very much related to the last point, or an extension of it. Your IT system is important. You want to have confidence that it is going to do the job that you need it to do. Therefore, by extension, you need to have confidence in the person or persons who are providing your IT support.

There is no reason why you should not have confidence in people who remotely provide your IT support: far from it. However, confidence is more likely to be fostered and fostered more quickly when the people providing your IT support are physically with you. It’s much easier for you to get to know them; for them to get to know you, and for a strong rapport to develop between you. This rapport helps build confidence in the people providing your IT support and the jobs they do.

Knowledge of Your Business

It’s a trite but true point to make that all businesses are different. Even businesses operating in the same sector differ from each other. If your IT support provider is onsite it is far easier for her to get to know your businesses. Onsite support is more likely to pick up on recurring problems and offer solutions and become more proactive rather reactive. You may even find that with a sound knowledge of your business, your IT support provider becomes almost as good as a consultant.

Some Problems Require a Physical Presence

Some IT problems require someone to be onsite to deal with them. Perhaps more than anything this is a fact when it comes to hardware problems. When there is a physical problem you need a physical presence. When such problems arise, an onsite IT support provider should be able to respond rapidly to fix the problem.

An Opportunity for Learning

If you have onsite IT support there are more learning opportunities that will be afforded to you and the other people in your company. Granted that this is not a primary aim of onsite support, but it should not be overlooked. Learning opportunities are significantly less likely to occur when support is provided remotely. If there is someone onsite the chances of you and other members of staff being able to benefit from the expertise available is considerably heightened.

There are arguments that can be put forward for both onsite and remote IT support. Ultimately, it is what is right for the type of business that you have.

Johngary has over 5 years’ experience in IT. He currently runs a company that provides Windows server support in Brisbane. He is also a writer and blogger.

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