How To Get Your Halloween Preparations Done On A Budget

How To Get Your Halloween Preparations Done On A Budget

This year, you want to have a Halloween blowout to end all blowouts. But money is tight. How can you accomplish that goal without digging too deep into your finances? It is actually pretty easy, and you just have to plan properly. We have seven great suggestions for you so you can have the perfect Halloween celebration on a budget.

  • Shop your closet and your kids’ closets for costume ideas. If you want to get creative, you can just open your closet door, and find some great costume ideas, for both your kids and you. Transform old t-shirts into ghostly sheets, or turn dress your kid in a purple shirt and orange pants to turn her into Dora The Explorer.
  • Set a spooky atmosphere with Halloween-themed candles. If you do not have any orange and black candles around, you can find adorable Halloween-themed Yankee Candles at stores like Macy’s. They add fun and festiveness with smells of candy corn and spiced pumpkin.
  • If your daughter or son is hell-bent on being a Disney character for Halloween, stores like JC Penney often carry full lines of Disney princess and superhero costumes, shoes, and accessories. You can get accumulate discounts by using the store credit card. Check online for sales and promo codes to get discounts of up to fifteen percent off regular items.
  • If you would like to do family-themed costumes, stores such as Kohl’s have a wide selection of Daddy & Me or Mommy & Me costumes, as well as group costumes. They are often discounted when you purchase them together, and you can score additional discounts by using the store credit card and waiting for a sale day.
  • If you really want to set the mood for your Halloween party, get a fog machine or a thunder and lightning strobe light to create creepy effects in your house. They are available at in general stores like Walmart, and can be the perfect thing to add elements of spookiness and fright to your festivities.
  • Buy your candy in bulk to ensure you do not run out and disappoint any trick or treaters who come calling. There is nothing worse than expectant little faces looking up at you to provide candy, chocolate, and treats, and having nothing to give them. Stock up at warehouse stores like Costco for the best value. Don’t buy the cheapest thing, either; you will be left with a bunch of candy corn and peppermint that no one will want to eat. The best part about having large bags of candy and chocolate is that you might even have leftovers until Christmas.
  • You can make your spooky house even more charming with a string of orange bulb Kurt Adler lights. They add an element of fun, and are affordable decorations that can be hung up anywhere in or outside the house.
  • Create pumpkin-themed cupcake treats with the Nordic Ware pumpkin patch pan. You can make twelve mini-cakes, pipe some decorative frosting, and amaze your friends with your culinary skills. The best part is that the pan is non-stick, so it is easily washed.
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