How To Get People Into Your Commercial Business

Opening a store or restaurant is an incredibly exciting move and one that promises to be both highly gratifying and hopefully somewhat profitable. This is the old guard of business where you’ll get to interact with your customers and see your products fly off the shelves, you’ll be able to test new business ideas and see them work (or not) immediately, and you’ll find that it’s a great boost to your ego every time you make a sale.

But while a successful commercial business can be great for your ego, the opposite is also true of a disappointing business. If you open a store only to find that nobody comes in and everyone just walks past, it is not only worrying but can also be hard not to take personally. Why wouldn’t they want to see what you have for sale? What are you doing wrong?

Well don’t be too disheartened – people tend to be in a hurry these days and convincing them to stop for even a moment is no mean feat. Fortunately there’s plenty of business advice out there to help you do just that and lots of tried and tested methods for getting people to at least take a look at what you’re selling. Here we will look at how you can start making money from your commercial business by getting people to take a look inside…

Choose Your Location


Of course one of the most important things to consider when buying a commercial property is the location. You need to make sure that your business is located somewhere that people are going to see it so that you can get customers from people just passing by rather than relying solely on marketing. It’s also a good idea to ensure that there’s easy parking and that the route to your store/restaurant isn’t too convoluted. This way if someone does specifically seek out your business, they will at least be able to get in without spending hours walking around trying to find the entrance or somewhere to park.

Communicate Your Location


So how do you get people to ‘seek out’ your store? Well marketing of course is important, but it can also help simply to list your new business in as many places as possible. Many people these days will find local places to eat for instance by simply searching ‘restaurants’ on Google Map that are in their area. If your business isn’t coming up in those searches, then you are losing out on a lot of customers.

The Look

When people are walking past they will have very little to base their opinion of you on. As such they will be forced to work with what they do see, which will mean the walls, the window and the signage. I know a restaurant that closed recently and I’m pretty sure that the main reason behind that was the mucus-green colour scheme that really didn’t make the place feel very alluring. Make sure that the colour you choose is inviting, that you maintain the exterior of the property and that it’s also eye catching so that people notice it from the other side of the road and at least register it to potentially come back in future.



Taking advantage of human emotion is something that can help a great deal when trying to get people into your store, and as a rule we will tend to take the time out of our busy days if we think something looks unique or worth investigating.

As such, having loud music coming from your store, having some unusual furniture, or letting people try a new product might just generate the intrigue and the buzz that you need in order to convince people to take a look. This is one way that stores have an advantage over online shops: they can offer experiences and give people the opportunity to interact with the products they are considering buying. Take full advantage of this and make your store as interesting and interactive as you can so that people feel compelled to try it out.

So have a think about your store and what it’s currently lacking, it could be that a simple new coat of paint is enough to start getting people through your doors.

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