Getting Social Media Involved With Domain Parking

Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace keep friends and family connected, but they are being used by domainers more and more to promote their growing portfolios, or landing pages.  In fact, some sites such as LinkedIn and FastPitch are designed with the professional domainers in mind by allowing people to connect with co-workers, employers, employees, and other people within their industry.

There are even some sites (I-Meet and ResearchGATE, for example) that are industry-specific.   Before you choose a site to promote your domain parking business, do some research to be sure that if will fit your needs.  Below are metrics one could use to gauge those needs:

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

A domain portfolio of any size could benefit from using social networking sites.  Large businesses may have accounts on several different websites with employees such as public relations specialists or department managers devoted to their maintenance.  Self-employed people are able to find work by networking with other people within their industry, targeting a customer base, and making themselves potential domain buyers.

What specific size that domain name parkers need is conducive to the brand potential, valuation and overall usability of their domains culminated with efforts one wishes to put into socialization.

Do You Have Time, Domainer?

Social networking sites can be set up at any time, but you must have the time to update them consistently, or have the capital to hire someone to update them for you ready.  Like most of life, the frequency of updates should be balanced, yet also not seem too pushy since certain domain parking rules must be adhered to.  Too little activity will bore potential buyers, and they will quickly move on to something more interesting – perhaps even cheaper, unless they give up and register their own domains.

On the other hand, do not bombard potential buyers with sales information because this will lead them to begin blocking your status updates.  In addition, the content of the updates needs to vary.  Instead of having a non-stop advertisement, let the potential domain buyers learn more about domains you’re selling or promoting.  If you are self-employed, let the clients know what kind of work-related activities you have been doing to offset the fact you’re really trying to push domains.

What’s Your Frequency, Kenneth? 

Social networking sites can be updated from nearly anywhere as long as there is a suitable device and Internet access.  How often domain parkers update their statuses is something that must be determined from the beginning.  Obviously, sole proprietors will have access to their own social media profiles, as opposed to company ran accounts where numerous people sound off.  However, larger businesses that sell domain names or provide parking must decide who will be able to post to the site.  The employees that gain access should be trustworthy, responsible, and good at marketing.  Should the employee leave the business, login information should be changed to protect the business’s security.

In Closing: Is Social Media A Worthy Investment For Domainers?

Social networking is likely a good investment of time for any business.  Gone are the days of cold calls and handing out fliers because word-of-mouth advertising has become lightning fast.   Nowadays, those promoting their domain parking websites can add key words to their profiles so that buyers can find them more easily.  They can also monitor the demographics of people who visit their profile so that they can tailor marketing to certain groups of people that may show an interest in purchasing niche domains.

All told, whether you’re into parking domains for money, have developed your own parking business or intend on leveraging parking to get domains sold, social media has different wonders for different domainers – all worthy investments of time, effort and investment.

Roger Klawinski is a freelance writer and experienced domainer from Indiana. You can follow him on Google+.

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