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Google Tools

Search engine optimization is almost equivalent to Google. A rise or hit back in Google is synonymous to a hit in your SEO campaign. Therefore, as a practitioner, it is important to consider what SEO is to Google.

SEO is a technique in promoting your website. The metrics include Google rankings, traffic and conversion rate. There are a lot of techniques you can employ to achieve desirable performance. However, you can’t simply do it manually; you need to use tools that will boost stability for long term growth.

When you are about to start optimization, you would certainly start by analyzing the right keywords to use. Google Keyword Tool first on the list, can help you in choosing the most lucrative and profitable keywords. You need to key in your primary keyword, and all other available keywords with their competitive level and search volume will generate.

Google Analytics

You may have the rankings but you can’t guess where it is coming from. Google analytics allows you to see a full view of traffic on your sites (from where it is coming from). It will allow you to strategize where you should focus your investment on, where your most profitable market is and decide what strategy will fit a certain market.

Google Trends

We are living in a very unpredictable world where things can change in click. With Google Trends you can see what is happening in the world that can catch the attention of your target market. Through this, you can also see how searches for a certain topic changed over time. This is helpful in creating a direct connection with your target market because you are employing websites, contents, sales materials, etc that are up to date.

Google Plus

Aside from being a social networking site, Google plus can boost credibility of an author. Can you write quality content? Google algorithm values authors who write effectively provided it is connected with a Google Plus profile.

Google Alerts

You may not be able to open blogs that contain the topic you are searching for. Google Alerts lets you personalize, when and what you can receive during days where fabulous blogs are published online. You can select from news, blogs, updates, etc. Just click what you favored the most.

Google Places

Get your business online through Google Places. It allows a local business show in organic search results. You need to verify your address, location and contact details. Let previous customers click some stars for rating and reviews to let other users know how well the business is operating.

Google Voice Global Spam Filtering

Nobody likes spam. Google hate it. What’s more if it comes from robocalls? It is time consuming, so google implements Google Voice Global Spam Filtering. It is an option where you can disregard calls from unwanted numbers. Now, you can place your number in your website and expect good calls from prospect clients.


It seemed that websites aren’t for desktop computers or laptops only because 67% of consumers who use mobile internet go for shopping. With Google’s GoMo you can create a website that can be accessible to mobile users. If you have some issues like can the site be clicked through your thumb, GoMo is right there to help out.

Google Webmaster Tools

It serves as a blueprint of your SEO strategies. It can teach you in terms of Site Configuration, Site Health, Site Traffic and site optimization. It will show how Google crawls, and inspect a website. It also contains some updates regarding what else you can improve on your HTML, keywords and other resources. The large amount and valuable data the webmaster tools can provide can boost your competence in getting the most profitable visibility.


Google owned YouTube. It will be easy to access and upload videos. As you know YouTube got 1 billion users and a single video can be clicked and liked by millions of them. It can boost virality of the brand.

Google is not just a search engine. It provides tools to help SEO experts to perform well in their chosen fields. More so, if your website has been hit by unnatural links, you can lean on the Google Disavow Tool. Therefore, we can conclude that Google is a platform that opens opportunities, pose challenges and provide solutions with various Google tools. It is a holistic library of website that can help both businesses and consumers fulfill their needs.

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