Great Used Nissan Models

I bought a used nissan last winter that has basically turned into my dream car.

Cars that run great in the winter include various models from Nissan. When I’m driving in the winter, I make sure to drive my heftiest Nissan. The two most talked about dealerships where I come from in California include Fontana and the Palm Springs dealership.

Although Fontana used cars are pretty much a giveaway, Palm Springs Nissan also sells vehicles at very affordable prices. Maybe the reason I favor Palm Springs so much in because I grew up not too far from the dealership itself.

I remember being a young boy, so vehemently interested in cars and seeing that dealership in Palm Springs for the first time. It was like magic when I walked in the doors, all time stopped and all I could think about was how many beautiful and shiny cars were right in front of me. I remember being about seven years old and asking the man at the front desk for an application. I was so distraught when he said that I was too young to work there, and I tried to argue with him about it exclaiming how much I loved cars!

He smiled at me and said “Alright son, you can work here. Be a door man and greet people. When you get bored of that, just go around to all the cars and take as many pictures of them as you would like”.

I did just that. I stuck around there for weeks, saying hi to everyone and taking so many pictures. At home, my room was completely full of pictures I had taken at the dealership. I thought that it was the absolute coolest thing, and so did my friends who I often found myself bragging to. I could not wait until I was old enough to buy and drive my own car.

When I turned eighteen, I already had enough saved up to get my first car. It was a Nissan Maxima and it was absolutely stunning. I got it in a dark royal blue with beautifully tinted windows and awesome looking wheels. I was so proud of myself and so happy that I had found that dealership who stuck with me pretty much my entire life. I drive my Nissan all winter and it does just fine.

I’ve actually never had such great success driving when it’s snowing as I have had with my Nissan. I also plan to be moving from California to a much colder state so I’m glad I have become prepared, at least car wise.

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