How to Grow Your Business When you’ve hit a Brick Wall

Every business goes through a stage of economic turmoil. It’s the nature of the industry and something every sustainable business owner can relate to.

Developing your business through times of hardship is difficult and could take years depending on the nature of the problem: rest assure, every good business owner is able to see their company through to a brighter future with focus on 3 core elements: analysis, management and perseverance.


Drilling down, using every analytical fibre you have, you need to find the root of the problem.

What’s causing your business to face this downward spiral?

Could it be Staffing issues?

Employing the right staff is imperative in today’s fast paced business landscape. The correct skill set, the right attitude and a willingness to go the extra mile are employable skills not to be passed up in employees.

Those who pay an attention to detail in everything from punctuality and attendance to the quality of work produced are the people worth keeping in your enterprise. Time wasters, pessimism and incompetence is simply unacceptable.

Are your costings accurate?

As a business grows, costs grow too. It’s the natural process when branching out into further revenue. An extra staff member costs a minimum of around £13124 per year adjacent to equipment costs which is why it’s important, before hiring, to be sure to measure anticipated returns on investments these staff members should bring.

If the grass doesn’t seem greener, it’s not worth the risk.


Ensuring managerial bodies are working with staff, as opposed to against staff, see’s many businesses thrive as productivity rates rocket in the team.

A common cause of struggling businesses is too much input from managerial bodies (to many peoples surprise).

What happens, when a managing director realises their business is falling; they set into panic mode.

It’s understandable when they’re seeing everything they’ve ever worked for slipping, alarmingly, through their fingers.

They press on tired staff causing stress which manifests itself in depleting productivity rates and lacking motivation.

A more proactive, effective, motivational approach is key: clear instruction and strategic delegation works wonders in plucking the most from staff members. After all, generating a clear understanding of what’s required from employees impacts on their performances while highlighting weaker team members.


Employing excellent management alongside thorough cost and staff analysis should determine why your business is experiencing difficulty.

Once you’ve highlighted the issue(s) and incorporated sanctions to improve your business economical stance, it’s time to work towards targets and persevere: the future will be bright again.


Once you see your business experiencing steady regrowth, you rebuild these foundations with strategy, innovation and commercial awareness.

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