Guess What! Wi-Fi is changing: the future is…LED Light

Just when you think we’ve reached the peak of the technological ice berg, we’re leaping towards a whole new high.

Gone are the days where LED Lights are being used solely for general eco-friendly light sources or innovative architectural designs: LED lighting is quickly paving a new method of mobile data delivery and: it’s incredible.

Coined by Professor Harald Haas, this new method of delivering data is set to bridge the digital divide across the globe by 2022 with a little something that goes by the creative name of Li-Fi.

Li-Fi versus Wi-Fi: the difference

Wi-Fi, formally known as ‘Wireless Fidelity’ is used by billions of us to gain access to the internet. This works by using radio frequencies (Gigahertz) to send signals and transmit data from one device to the next.

A current prototype, anticipated to consume the globe in just 7 years’ time, Li-Fi is a wireless networking technology which transmits light energy from light emitting diodes (LED Lighting) for efficient data transmission.

In English, Li-Fi describes a new way of transmitting data by effectively using solar panel technology.

The difference between Wi-Fi and Li-Fi? Well, on the face of it, it might seem like there’s very little difference, however, the reality is: Li-Fi is amazing (or it will be).

In comparison to Wi-Fi, Li-Fi can be used on airlines, hospital operation theatres, on the go, in homes and offices and, get this: undersea.

The network interferences we’re subjected to while using Wi-Fi will be eliminated as they’ll be no need for traditional routers anymore and our electricity bills should see welcomed dip too.

Pretty cool right?

Ok, so How Can LED Light Actually Turn into Internet?

Although it sounds bizarre, and completely impossible, this ground breaking research developed since 2008 and chaired by professor Haas of Edinburgh University is on track to becoming an estimated 13bn dollar industry by the year 2022.

To demonstrate this, Haas conducted a presentation of the Li-fi function in a TED talk aired in November 2015 where he took a simple, off the shelf LED light box, directing this to an off the shelf solar panel. He then demonstrates how transmitting the light energy from the LED bulb, to the solar panel, does in fact allow us to stream a high definition video online.

This ground breaking research is truly remarkable but, the real question is: how will it affect us, the world and the way we’ll access data in the future?

The Future of Mobile Technology

These advancements in technology will not only allow faster than superfast mobile internet connection, it will reduce our carbon footprint whilst allowing over 4 billion people internet access in parts of the world whose infrastructure can’t support the current radio transmitted Wi-Fi we use today.

This means, rural digital-free areas of the world will soon be introduced to the digital age we’ve not only operated in, but have come to rely on since the rise of web 2.0 in the year 2000.


There’s no doubt LED Light Manufacturers will see huge growths and expansions as this new technology continues to develop. Li-Fi could bridge struggling economies, the digital divide and flawed online security. Adjacent to this, it’s believed to be cheap, economically efficient, super-duper fast and sustainable.

Will Li-Fi live up to its anticipations? Only time will tell: watch the space.

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